PLAYING WITH STYLING: Clothing decorations

I’ve mentioned in a post before that I love writings and drawings that are included in the clothing, so I’ve decided to dedicate a full post to clothing decorations. Shall we begin?

Isn’t this top one of the cutest celozaslonski-zajem-19-11-2016-200303-bmpitems you have seen, ever? The detail is so beautifully structured and it matches with the skirt and the rest of the items so easily. I love the buttons and the cross back straps. When you add too much details, there is always fear that the clothing will look … Tacky. But this top isn’t even close to that. Otherwise this outfit has a very girly vibe, so it’s not one of my favorites. However, if you aren’t into rock clothing, you might fancy this.


This second outfit fits my taste a lot lot more and you can’t doubt that I was the one that put it together 😉 I love all of the items! The skirt is my absolute favorite, because I love the detail that makes me think of beautiful art and I also love the colour of the skirt. It’s not too bold and “screamy”, but it’s so far from being simple. The top is gorgeous, too. It’s more or less plain, but that flowiness makes the entire look seem more girly, even though the outfit has more badass than girly elements on the first look.

What do you think of clothing decorations, which outfit do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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