Playing with styling: Sweeter VS Rougher

celozaslonski-zajem-7-12-2016-174314-bmpThe first set is definitely sweeter and easier going. I think it has a vintage sense – the top is so simple, the boyfriend jeans are probably THE item from the 90s style and the jacket doesn’t necessarily bring out the rock ‘n’ roll … It’s a simple item that suits right. I think the shoes are the only item that don’t scream VINTAGE, so they might look a bit out of place, next to these other items … But I love how they match the top, so I had to use them. I also love the belt and the open toes. You could easily change them for black platforms, but I feel like while that would be a more obvious “vintage” choice, these bring more energy to the outfit.

celozaslonski-zajem-7-12-2016-174324-bmpThis second set seems more modern, wouldn’t you say? And it’s rougher, too. I love everything about it! I yet again had to use a leather jacket (I know I’ve been using them often, but they are a part of my personal style, so I can’t just ignore them). You can see it fits perfectly, because it’s tighter than the jacket used in the upper set. What’s my favorite thing about this set, though? THE BELTS! The belt on the skirt is a more or less simple addition, but the skirt wouldn’t be near as perfect without it as it is with it. And the belt on the shoes … That almost matches the belt on the skirt … It’s so awesome. I love these shoes without the belt, but with it, they are complete. This outfit definitely shows a lot of skin, but who cares, I find it awesome!

Which set do you prefer and why? What’s your favorite item? Would you consider wearing any of them? Let me know in the comments!


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