OOTD: Come together

Would you still be there?

I truly enjoyed making this set, because I think it’s quite bold. I LOVE the navy top – it’s so beautifully constructed and it looks feminine, while not being too complicated. The skirt is just amazing … It has that kind of a vintage sense and it’s absolutely original. I was a bit afraid that the leather jacket maybe wouldn’t match the skirt, because you can overdo an outfit by repeating the materials (the skirt is made of leather, too). However, I think it has a certain charm. The shoes are one of my favorites too! I love how it has a belt (the same way the skirt does) and it’s absolutely badass. I just love rock ‘n’ roll in clothing and I think I’ve managed to capture it! There are ways to make this outfit look more girly, because I think both the top and the skirt aren’t necessarily ungirly. If we picked different shoes and a different jacket, you’d have a whole new style.

Here are the details of the items that I’ve used:

Coast sleeveless shirt
€70 – johnlewis.com

Leka real leather jacket
€535 – wolfandbadger.com

Topshop navy blue skirt
€310 – nordstrom.com

Michael Kors platform shoes
€81 – macys.com

Mulberry mini purse
€850 – mulberry.com

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