OOTD: Lunanai

Hi guys! Before I start anything, I need to apologize for not posting anything for a week! I’m living a student life where school and exams have to come first, so I was focusing on that. Now, I’m back! Holidays started for me today and I’ll be able to be more active, hopefully 🙂 Let’s start!

I honestly think this outfit is incredibly fun. It reminds me of vintage fashion. It’s comfortable and easy-going, you can dancimg-set-002.jpge in it and you can do whatever you want … It’s different from what I normally create and that’s exactly the reason why I love it so much! I love how the top has a slight cleveage, that makes the clothing look feminine, but it’s still not too revealing. I love the pants! They are so cool! Sure, you shouldn’t wear them to a business meeting (and if your uncles don’t appreciate art and individual expressionism – you probably shouldn’t wear them to a family gathering, either :P), but I am personally so annoyed with simple, blue jeans that will stick next to your legs and make them all sore and tired when you walk around. These pants match with the coat as well, which is just so cute. The coat is modern and trendy, but I think it doesn’t look out of place. It’s a play between the black and pink colour and I love playing around.


Boohoo cut out crop top
€15 – boohoo.com

Collar coat
€39 – shein.com

Velvet pants
€21 – zaful.com

Boohoo kohl shoes
€33 – modalist.com

Ryan Roche brimmed hat
€325 – tenover6.com

What do you think of the outfit, would you consider wearing it? Let me know in the comments!


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