Playing with styling: Green World

Hi guys! I promised you to be more active 2 weeks ago and that promise fell short, didn’t it?! My holiday break turned out to be very nicely busy … I had a birthday and I visitied some places, so I didn’t have any time for the blog.

Anyway … HAPPY 2017! May it be a good one. And here’s to my first fashion post of 2017!

celozaslonski-zajem-8-01-2017-163417-bmpThe main reason as to why I love this first set is that you can’t really define its style. The skirt and the top look incredibly fancy … That bow on the top is so cute and girly. I’d use the top for family gatherings and occassions like that. The jacket, on the other hand, is nothing like that. It seems more casual, yet it’s not boring or “lazy”. The entire combination seems fun to me. It’s almost a bit weird, unusual … But I think every personal style should be unusual, because that makes it original and cool. The heel is great, too. The colour matches the casual jacket, yet the formal sense matches the top and the skirt.

celozaslonski-zajem-8-01-2017-163347-bmpHere’s another playful green combination. This seems less formal – sure, the top could be used for fancy occassions, but it’s diversed enough to be used in anykind of style that we want. I think the pants are awesome! I personally don’t own any similiar ones, but I’d like to get them one day. I think they look great on “fuller” girls (that is – girls with hips, a booty and great legs). They fit that kind of a figure perfectly. The jacket is so badass, wouldn’t you say so? I love all of these little details that works SO well together … Whoever construsted this is a genius. The shoes are a bit difficult, because they don’t flatter everyone. Sometimes – they look a bit uncomfortable. However, I thought they’d be a perfect addition to the rest of the clothing.

All in all, I love these two sets. I love the playful sense of them. They seem comfortable, yet sophisticated enough to not be boring or lazy.

What do you think of these two sets, which one do you like better and why? What’s your favorite item? Let me know in the comments! KISSES!


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