Red carpet: GRAMMYS 2017

Hey guys! I’ll be an exception to the rule and I won’t write anything about Valentine’s day today (because some of us like being along and bitter :P), but I WILL talk about the Grammys’ red carpet! 😉

I can’t say this was my favorite red carpet ever, far from it, but I’ve managed to gather some looks that I liked or somewhat understood, so here we go!

My favorite look of the night goes to Jane Zhang, who looked aaaabsolutely gorgeous! The colour of the dress is perfect for her, because nude/silver/white work best with pale skin. Tony Ward, the designer, really knows his work, though. Look at all of the amazing details of the dress, the material, how it flows … It’s thought to a perfection.

Let’s continue with some rock, by the way! Laverne Cox (left) looks hooooot. If I remember right, she normally wears softer and girlier colours, with flowy designs. I’d lie if I said I preferred those over this badass choice. And the shape of the dress makes her look so tiny! Tinashe (right) is another rockstar of the night. I like how she wore something different, while still being feminine and modern. I also really like her make-up and hair styling, it’s fabulous!

LOOK AT MY GIRL DEMI LOVATO! In case you couldn’t tell from the screaming, yes, I love her. And she looked so glamorous, while basically wearing a see-through dress. Not everyone can do that, my friends.The colour of the dress suits her best and everything makes sense. Yes, it’s a bit bold, but she pulls it off, so who cares? I’m also in love with her hair and make-up styling.

Rihanna … My absolute girl crush, I don’t know how does she pull this off! Even though it’s a two-piece outfit, it looks like it suits together. It’s rock&roll and glamour at once. I also love the fact that the top shows her tattoo off, it seems like a really nice “detail”. The skirt could have easily been too fluffy if somebody else wore it, but with Rihanna, it’s right!

I feel like Faith Hill (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right) are the two ladies that ALMOST pulled it off … J-Lo? That bow is ridiculous, hun, we both know you can do better. I also feel like the train is so unnecessary with the shape of the dress as it is. And if she covered the leg slit, the dress would look a lot more glamurous. Faith, on the other hand? I love the colour of the dress, but the shoulders look awkward, they should have been made differently in order to look more feminine. And the slit of the dress was put up awkwardly. If it was on the side, it would be way better!

chrissy teigen.jpgKristin Cavallari.jpg
I really like Chrissy Teigen (left) and I think the details of this dress are badass. Also, the designer was thinking smart when he cut the dress by the hips, because it made her look EVEN skinnier. The only thing missing in Kristin Cavallari‘s look (right) is an expensive necklace. There’s just too much neck room! I also love the fact that the designer made a slit for the leg, but covered it with different material. It’s something new.

kat graham.jpgThe last lady that I need to talk about is Kat Graham. I can’t say I’m head over heels with this look, it’s still a bit weird and unusual. But let’s say I appreacite her sticking to her style. And … The last time that she appeared on a red carpet, I REALLY criticized her outfit and pointed out that her stylists are doing her no favour. Well, this look is WAY better. At least they tried this time and her hair and make-up styling is fabulous, while the dress looks alright.

Alright … I feel like I’ve said everything I wanted to say, so talk to me in the comments and let me know which outfit was your own personal favorite 🙂


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