Red carpet: OSCARS 2017

Hello! I’m always so grateful for awards and beautiful red carpets … This was probably one of my favorite red carpets in a while! Let’s get it ooooon 😉

darby-stanchfield89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
THIS HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE LOOK OF THE NIGHT! Or … At least top three, for sure! Darby Stanchfield rocked it. I love the sassy pose, the white dress that suits her pale skin, the hair styling and that diamond earring. Everything is in place. Everything is perfect.

Brie Larsson clearly made a mistake with those horrible shoes … But I can look past them, since the dress suits her perfectly. Its structure is so original, yet the upper part of the dress screams “BRIE’S STYLE”. I love her breezy hair, those red lips and the fact that she didn’t use too much jewelry, because the look is good without it.

Let’s continue with darker dresses! Taraji P. Henson absolutely rocked the red carpet. That dress is so perfect it makes me want to cry. The cleveage is crazy and that leg-split? Sexy as hell! The necklace was so needed with a dress like that and it looks absolutely perfect. I can’t criticize it … There’s nothing bad about it!

Salma Hayek (left) looked like a princess in another black dress. I love the fact that the dress isn’t plain blackness, there’s some beautiful material overflowing with each other and that makes the look magical.  Kate Mckinnon (right) wore a simpler dress, which is just as pretty. I wish both dresses had different upper parts, so they would look 100% formal, but it’s alright either way.

Speaking of princesses … Look at Ava Duvernay (left). Her look is so original! The colour suits her, the details are so bloody beautiful and the fact that she wore something with long sleeves? Bold! Yet it payed off. Felicity Jones (right) … That length of the dress can be incredibly tricky, but she made it easy. And thanfully she picked a pale colour that suits her skin tone perfectly. The only thing, though … She should have worn heels.

Everybody ready for some #BlackExcellence?! Viola Davis and Mahershala Ali are, without doubt, one of the best actors in the business curently and I’m so happy and proud to see them win an Oscar. Therefore they clearly deserve to be mentioned in this post!

ryan gosling.jpgrexfeatures_8434880dh
Mahershala opened the red carpet for the boys in this post, so let’s continue … Look at Ryan Gosling (left) and Justin Timberlake (right) rooooocking that red carpet just by being on it!

And now the Avengers, Jeremy Renner (left) and Chris Evans (right) … Looking as good as ever!

Back to the ladies! Kirsten Dunst’s (left) dress has POCKETS! That bought me over alone. Then the structure, the colour … Everything is so God damn beautiful. Emma Roberts’ (right) dress shouldn’t have two layers, that was clearly a mistake. But, OK, it’s original, I give her points for that. I ABSOLUTELY love the upper part of the dress and I’m also glad the dress is not all-black, because I think that wouldn’t have been her style.

Then the two outfits that could have been perfect if they were corrected … Naomie Harris’ (left) dress should have been looooonger. The cut is just so awkward and it doesn’t suit the vibe of the Oscars. Karlie Kloss (right) killed it with that diamond choker, that was the best addition ever. I’ve pointed this one issue before, thought … Stick to the same sleeves. Seriously. Or, if you don’t, make sure it doesn’t look awkward. She should have used the structure of the left sleeve for both of them and that’s that.

Now to the cutest two moments of the red carpet … Justin Timberlake showing his lady, Jessica Biel, off (left). Aaaaand Chrissy Teigen and John Legend cuddling up like two cute lovebirds (right).

89th Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 26 Feb 2017
Having said that … I also have to point out that Chrissy Teigen looked ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I can’t describe how much I love this look. It’s right behind Darby’s look. The leg split, all of the additions, the colour, the earrings … Slay.

You know what? I’m saying it! THIS WAS MY FAVORITE RED CARPET, since I’ve been writing the reviews. Honestly. Everybody looked absolutely gorgeous and congratulations go to all of the winners. I am proud and happy.


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