Speed of sound

Speed of sound

When I was creating this outfit, I constantly had in mind that a girl with a half bun on her head would rock something like this. I know, it’s so funny, but it just sounds like a part of the style! My favorite item of this set is the skirt. I have to admit I am not incredibly fond of the construction, it almost doesn’t seem modern enough, but the leather makes it up for me. I like the originality of the top. It’s funky and interesting. Styling a coat next to skirts can be quite tricky – we easily lose the figure of the body by it. However, the outfit would be too plain if I just left it be without a coat. I think it suits the style and so does the cool backpack. It’s casual and formal at once.


Crochet lace crop top

€33 – prettylittlething.us

Marni pure cashmere coat


Pocket skirt

€27 – yoins.com

High heel stiletto pumps

€32 – amazon.co.uk

Daypack bag

€20 – zaful.com

Hey! Look at me creating an affordable outfit, isn’t this great?! 😛


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