OOTD: Fallen angel

Hi guys! I’m so sorry for taking such a long pause (2 weeks) from this blog, but I truly had a busy month with the prom and all of the tests in school, so I had to take some time off.
Now I’m back and ready to talk about more outfits!

Celozaslonski zajem 25. 03. 2017 123743.bmp.jpgThe reason that I love this outfit so much is that I’d seriously consider wearing it in real life. Sometimes I create things that don’t feel so personal and so … “Me.” But this outfit definitely does. I love the material of the skirt, its colour truly shines through because of it. The length is perfect – it’s not too long and it’s not too short. I like the fact that it’s thight around the waist, but then it kind of gets more fun by not being 100% thight. The top is quite sporty, but the neckline gives it some elegance as well. We could easily add an elegant necklace too and tone down the sportiness. The shoes have to be my favorite, though. I love the fact that they aren’t blue, so the outfit isn’t too matchy-matchy, but the colour is soft enough to match well with the skirt nonetheless. I love the golden addition on the shoes and how it pairs up with the purse’s golden additions. The items have individual taste, but I feel like the outfit looks fabulous as a whole.

What is your opinion, do you like this outfit and what’s your favorite item? Till next time!


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