Playing with styling: Easy to see (colour POP)

I’ve found a new top that I absolutely love and because it’s so playful and elegant, I wanted to use it next to colourful and easygoing items. It was hard to only make one outfit, though, so I decided to create two of them!

Celozaslonski zajem 6. 05. 2017 142625.bmpI know that blouses are usually used as shirts, not as “coats”. However, since it has gotten a bit warmer outside, I started using them over the tops and I truly love the outcome. Blouses have this great advantage that they’re usually not too baggy, so they fit nicely next to your figure. If we use them over tops, we therefore do not hide the beautiful shape, we highlight it even more. Besides, the weather can get quite crazy in May … It’s cold in the morning, but it’s warm in the evening. If we use a combination like this, we are ready for both of the weathers. We won’t feel either hot or cold and we’ll look fabulous along the way! I love the skirt in this outfit, because it brings energy and youth to it. Because of the blouse, I could have easily used a white/dark blue skirt, but I truly didn’t want to be so boring and safe. The pop of colour is the thing that this outfit needed, in my opinion!

Celozaslonski zajem 6. 05. 2017 142619.bmpEven though I like the first outfit, I definitely prefer this second one, because the top stands out more than it did in the first set. Here you can see just how playful and awesome it is. I love the fact that it’s a one-shoulder kind of a top and I also love the way the materials flow one over another. I feel as though the skirt and the high heels compliment each other beautifully, because they both have that kind of a vintage feeling while being modern, as well. There is nothing badly put on this skirt! The shape is great, so is the colour. The shoes didn’t have to be designer shoes, but I was thrilled to have a yellow detail on them, so I had to pick them when I saw the mark. I could just see myself rocking this outfit. I think it would give a lot of confidence to any woman.

Which set do you prefer and why? What’s your overall favorite item? How would you style the top? Let me know in the comments! Also, make sure you follow me on Instagram. Till next time! x


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