OOTD: Bed of roses

Never enough

It’s always important to have an outfit that makes sense as a whole. While you pick the items that you like individually, you also have to make sure that each and every clothing fits together nicely. I firstly picked the blouse, which is my absolutely favorite item in this set, and then it made sense to work from that. I love the rose detail, but I didn’t want to use a red skirt, because I preferred the idea of making this outfit a bit darker. It made sense, though, to use a skirt that has a detail with roses as well. The colour of both of those items is a a washed out black, so I was searching for a black top that has a similiar shade. To all of the people that aren’t fans of all-black outfits: you’ll never understand the struggle of owning black items that are different shades! It’s so annoying. So I truly couldn’t use a darker black.  And in the end, I was searching for red high heels. I wanted matte heels, but these ones aren’t too shiny, so I made it work. When the outfit was put together, I found myself being satisfied with the result! We definitely have to be careful not to exaggarate with the rose detail, but I think that’s the main idea of this outfit, so I had to use it! 🙂

I love the rock vibe that this outfit has, I always prefer that over a girly vibe. Just because I personally think I wear that better.

By the way! I ALMOST made an affordable outfit! Check the details below:

AX Paris embroidery blouse
€57 – simplybe.com

Yves Saint Laurent cropped shirt
€195 – farfetch.com

Boohoo midi skirt
€27 – boohoo.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors slip on shoes
€69 – theoutnet.com

3 1 Phillip Lim genuine leather handbag
€650 – ssense.com

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments! Till next time x


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