OOTD: None of the above

None of the above

I’m incrediby glad that I can present you another colourful creation of mine! This outfit is easily a part of my top 5 favorite outfits I’ve created, ever. Where should we start? I love how every item has its own individual colour. The only reason that they match is the fact that they all have gentle shades (apart from black, of course) that work so well together. I love the structure of the top! It’s simple, yet original. The sleeves are made beautifuly and I love the back support and the little, most cute detail: that gold zipper. The flow of the skirt is perfect. It will highlight your beautiful feminine features, yet hide the knees and make you look girly and young. Both of these items are tailored without a fault, so is the coat. Lined coats can be tricky, but I think the top and the skirt will give us enough posture, so there’s no risk with using this coat. Then the heels … The colour is beautiful, but the reason that I love them so much is that SHINE! Little details, my friends …


Roland Mouret cropped top
€380 – orchardmile.com

Harris Wharf London fur lined coat
€260 – net-a-porter.com

Marni high waisted skirt
€245 – matchesfashion.com

Jimmy Choo leather sole shoes
€455 – farfetch.com

AllSaints handbag purse
€175 – allsaints.com


What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments!


OOTD: Even flow

Celozaslonski zajem 16. 07. 2017 164409.bmpI think we can all agree that I have been delivering darker outfits for a while now, so it’s been about time that I deliver something brighter! I truly love this outfit, because it’s a mix of formal and sporty style. If you look at the top, we can agree that it has a sporty vibe. The skirt isn’t necessarily formal, either. Sure … It’s innocent and girly, but you can wear it to a family gathering just as you can wear it outside for a walk. The coat and the shoes have the ultimate formal vibe. High heels aren’t practical for a long walk, that’s a fact, but the colour lowers the formality a bit. Instead it makes it more fun and less serious. Also … These are a work of a French designer! Da-yum! My favorite thing is the fact that the top and the shoes match colour-wise. Given the fact that this outfit is a match of only two colours, this could easily get over-matchy, but I find beauty in not exaggerating with the colours.


€43 – bcbg.com

River Island white jacket
€100 – riverisland.com

Christian louboutin shoes
€590 – neimanmarcus.com

Kendall Kylie leather shoulder bag
€170 – lordandtaylor.com
What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments! If you’d like to wear it and you find it too pricey, I advise you to find similiar items in the store for more affordable prices. You can also always ask your sewer to do something similiar, as a last resort.

OOTD: Starset

Love hate tragedy
Let’s start at the beginning! My favorite thing about this set is the elegance and softness behind it. I’ve taken a bit from that vibe by adding a backpack, that I know, but I felt it still fits with the outfit, because it isn’t as edgy/rough as some backpack are.
The coat is great! The shape can be a bit tricky, because it ususally takes away from the curves of a woman, but I feel like the skirt will highlight the curves enough, so at the end of the day, this just isn’t a shapeless outfit. The top is really beautiful! I love how the colour of the top and the colour of the high heels match, I think that’s a very nice detail. I also like the detail of the skirt (the shoe is hiding it a bit, but I think you can still see it clear enough). It’s just a small detail, but the small ones are always the ones that mean a lot in a simple outfit.

Cropped top
€775 – modaoperandi.com

Marni cashmere coat

Alexander McQueen elastic waist skirt
€880 – alexandermcqueen.com

Casadei pointy shoes
€380 – farfetch.com

Mulberry handbag
€770 – mulberry.com


What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 

Playing with styling: Love, hate, tragedy

Hey guys! You know what we haven’t done in a while? A “Playing for styling” kind of a post! I miss messing around with a clothing that I like and styling it differently countless of times … I think that’s the true magic of fashion. Every little detail matters! And every little detail can bring you to a different kind of a style.

Celozaslonski zajem 3. 07. 2017 173654.bmpI’m still not sure whether you guys prefer the softer or the edgier side of me (I don’t know which one do I prefer, either, by the way), but let’s start with a softer version! I’ve instantly fallen in love with this top. I know it’s quite simple, but the zipper is an epic detail that brings a lot of edginess to the top. A small detail … that means a lot. Like I always say. The skirt is very simple. You have to take something away, so you can give something else … That’s why I went all in with the blouse and the high heels. These two items are incredibly important in this set, because they dictated the style of the outfit. They’re both very feminine. Sure, the skirt is quite feminine too, because it brings shape to the body, but it can be quite neutral when it comes to style, since it isn’t anything special. Anyway … The shoes and the blouse! I didn’t want to match the colours together, I think that would be too typical and boring, but they do have similiar shades, so they still fit together. All in all, I think this truly is quite soft.

Celozaslonski zajem 3. 07. 2017 174723.bmpNow on to my edgier side … Does this scream rock, or what?! When I picked the top and decided to style it, my original idea was to use the red skirt, but you won’t believe it … The set on the top was the first one that I created. I suppresed the original idea when I used the blouse and the shoes. But … I couldn’t just leave the top there. That’s why I created this as the second option. I love the fact that three colours are working together to create something stylish. Red and black are very edgy and more known as “sharp”, whereas the white brings in the innocence. I love the fact that the skirt has a split, I loooove the bag that connects everything together, I love the jacket and the shoes. I think I actually prefer this version … Man, it’s badass.

Which version do you prefer and why? Also, do you prefer “Playing with styling” kind of posts or “OOTD” ones? Let me know!

OOTD: No vacancy

No vacancy
This is one of those outfits when I have went fully in. I truly experimented with the colours, but I can say I’m very satisfied with the result! The skirt and the top are not oh-so-colourful, but they give certain elegance to this creation. Because the top is so flowy, we have to be careful with adding coats. This particular one is constructed with a straight silhouette, so there’s always fear that the top won’t shine as much with it. But hey! When it gets a bit hotter, you can get rid of the coat and show off the top! I do love the colour of this coat, by the way. It’s colourful, but it’s still … Elegant. Gentle. The heels and the bag are the PEAK of the outfit, though. For me, at least. Here I’ve went all in with some bolder colours and I’ve taken away a bit from the elegance vibe. These two items lets you know it’s PARTY TIME!


Isabel Marant ruffle top
€130 – modaoperandi.com

Max Co pink coat
€230 – maxandco.com

Jeremy Scott skater skirt
€190 – farfetch.com

Casadei leather pumps
€650 – farfetch.com

MANGO blue handbag
€23 – mango.com

OOTD: Conspiracy


I’ve learned that styling three colours is the most fun and best way to style. My mom is a bit of an old-fashioned. She always only matches two colours together, so I’ve been doing that since I’ve started being interested in fashion. But now, I’m kind of bored of doing that and constantly using the colour black and not wearing anything original/special. I love the way the outfit truly looks like a creation when you use three colours, because it is a challenge to match it up the way that it makes sense. I love this top! It’s so cheap, too! I know these kind of tops suddenly became incredibly popular – I personally don’t like wearing such items – but it’s casual and kind of badass at the same time, so I thought it would make sense. Given the fact that the top has a yellow colour in it, that’s the energy and the light of the outfit. I could have used yellow heels just because of that, but I didn’t want to overdo the matchiness. Therefore, the heels are white, so is the jacket and the skirt and the bag are still black. Because … No matter how “boring” black can be, it’s still badass and important in any outfit.

I personally LOVE this!


Cropped top
€12 – prettylittlething.us

Leather skirt

Jimmy Choo stilettos shoes
€315 – flannels.com

Alexander McQueen leather shoulder bag
€860 – forwardbyelysewalker.com

OOTD: Hypnotised by chaos

Hypnotised by chaos
I’ll admit I could have worked harder on this outfit and added more details, but on the other hand – the clothing is so special and cool on itself that I didn’t want to push it too hard. This top is probably one of my favorites, ever! I love the sporty vibe that it has, but there’s also an element of rock. I love the red details, the lines and the CHAOS! The red lines also connect beautifuly with the skirt’s little heart detail. I love the split on the skirt, as well, although you have to be careful with those. You can either pull them off or you can’t, it all depends. And in the end, I couldn’t have added any other heels than red. The outfit comes together for all of those little details and the colour. I truly like it!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania cropped top
€110 – theoutnet.com

Christopher Kane midi skirt
€150 – bagheeraboutique.com

Summer sandals
€31 – yoins.com

NOVICA hand bag
€155 – novica.com