OOTD: Conspiracy


I’ve learned that styling three colours is the most fun and best way to style. My mom is a bit of an old-fashioned. She always only matches two colours together, so I’ve been doing that since I’ve started being interested in fashion. But now, I’m kind of bored of doing that and constantly using the colour black and not wearing anything original/special. I love the way the outfit truly looks like a creation when you use three colours, because it is a challenge to match it up the way that it makes sense. I love this top! It’s so cheap, too! I know these kind of tops suddenly became incredibly popular – I personally don’t like wearing such items – but it’s casual and kind of badass at the same time, so I thought it would make sense. Given the fact that the top has a yellow colour in it, that’s the energy and the light of the outfit. I could have used yellow heels just because of that, but I didn’t want to overdo the matchiness. Therefore, the heels are white, so is the jacket and the skirt and the bag are still black. Because … No matter how “boring” black can be, it’s still badass and important in any outfit.

I personally LOVE this!


Cropped top
€12 – prettylittlething.us

Leather skirt

Jimmy Choo stilettos shoes
€315 – flannels.com

Alexander McQueen leather shoulder bag
€860 – forwardbyelysewalker.com

OOTD: Hypnotised by chaos

Hypnotised by chaos
I’ll admit I could have worked harder on this outfit and added more details, but on the other hand – the clothing is so special and cool on itself that I didn’t want to push it too hard. This top is probably one of my favorites, ever! I love the sporty vibe that it has, but there’s also an element of rock. I love the red details, the lines and the CHAOS! The red lines also connect beautifuly with the skirt’s little heart detail. I love the split on the skirt, as well, although you have to be careful with those. You can either pull them off or you can’t, it all depends. And in the end, I couldn’t have added any other heels than red. The outfit comes together for all of those little details and the colour. I truly like it!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania cropped top
€110 – theoutnet.com

Christopher Kane midi skirt
€150 – bagheeraboutique.com

Summer sandals
€31 – yoins.com

NOVICA hand bag
€155 – novica.com

OOTD: Army of one

Army of one
The reason I ESPECIALLY love this outfit is the fact that the skirt and the top match together so beautifully. They’re both from Net-A-Porter, but I don’t think they were made from the same designer. The shape of the top isn’t my favorite, because I know it wouldn’t look particulary flattering to me personally, but I do love the lines and the colour that it contains. The skirt is probably my favorite item, for what reason? The fact that it looks sporty, yet formal. It’s a crazy combination that many don’t have the courage of using, so I truly appreciate this. I loooove the zipper! It’s such a small detail that doesn’t mean much, yet it’s cool and special. I love the little blue that is underneath the zipper, it’s another cool detail. And it’s also the reason I picked blue high heels. I thought that final decision would make the outfit looks good as a whole.


Jonathan Simkhai cut out crop top
€200 – net-a-porter.com

Sacai sporty skirt
€375 – net-a-porter.com

Steve Madden sexy pumps
€89 – stevemadden.com

AllSaints shoulder bag purse
€175 – allsaints.com


What do you think of this outfit, which item is your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments, don’t be shy!

OOTD: Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep
You guys know I am a huge fan of the black colour and I wear it often in real life, but lately I’ve been falling in love over colourful outfits. I love this particular creation because I didn’t put a stop to the colour. Instead, I used as much of it as possible. The skirt is beautiful and it gives me a kind of an italian vibe. It’s classic! Meanwhile, the jacket has more of an urban, street kind of a vibe. People are normally scared of mixing such styles, but I think that being bold truly pays off. I personaly like those two items together. The top is gorgeous, as well. It’s probably my favorite item in this outfit. I love how simple it is – it’s just white, without any additions. Yet! The construction of the top isn’t simple at all. It’s so classy. Then the high heels … I loooove the softness of these shoes. I also love other soft colours: the blue of the jacket, the colours on the purse … That’s the reason that all of these items can come into a unity: there is softness to them. Of course, the skirt brings contrast, but I love that as well! This has to be one of my favorite outfits I have made, EVER. I’ve just been messing around and creating nothing specific, while this came into one.

Roland Mouret spaghetti strap top
€465 – orchardmile.com

Balmain blue bomber jacket
€1.610 – farfetch.com

Balenciaga tie dye skirt
€370 – net-a-porter.com

Jimmy Choo stiletto pumps
€455 – farfetch.com

Prada multi colored handbag
€2.175 – mytheresa.com

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I have to say I am not a fan of Gigi Hadid (not a hater, either), but I seriously feel like this outfit might be her style. I can picture her in it and I think she would rock it. There’s a ton of different styles here: the shoes and the bag seem quite vintage, the skirt is formal and the top and the hat have a sporty vibe. I know it might sound funny to someone else to style these kind of items together, but I personally love experimenting and doing something original/new, so I didn’t mind doing this.


Miss Selfridge strappy bralet top
€25 – missselfridge.com

Roland Mouret knee length a line skirt
€390 – orchardmile.com

Chunky high heel pumps
€41 – shein.com

Yves Saint Laurent duffle bag
€1.775 – forwardforward.com

Nasaseasons embroidery cap
€54 – luisaviaroma.com


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