Playing with styling: Black with a pinch of colour

It’s no secret that I love wearing black … I feel comfortable when I am wrapped up in my dark, hidden clothes. However, sometimes I am not in the mood to rock an all-black outfit and I’d prefer using a pinch of colour instead. I love making outfits that seem like they are fully dark, but then there’s a twist.
celozaslonski-zajem-27-10-2016-183105-bmpThe thing about black is that people often think it looks too strict, even boring sometimes and “too” badass, like you haven’t slept in a year and you’re ready to kick ass at any given moment. This outfit truly lets you know that blackness isn’t all about the element of rock … Black can be girly and lovable as well. The bare-shoulders top is so easy going and free … We can style a pretty necklace next to it. The pattern at the end of the skirt is so great. It feels vintage and pretty. And then there’s a pinch of blue when you wear those high heels … It brings the outfit to another level. It’s not an “angry, teenager” look. It’s a feminine and beautiful one.

celozaslonski-zajem-27-10-2016-183100-bmpI’ve used more of the “teenager” vibe in this second ooutfit – it’s less … Formal. Just because everybody needs an every-day look. These kind of scarfs got incredibly popular in a short amount of time and I simply love them. They are nothing too special, but they give a statement. The skirt could have been tailored a bit prettier, I think, but it’s OK that it doesn’t look like it will stick to your skin too much. I like the heels, too, they compliment the scarf and all together this is “black with a pinch of colour”.


Which set do you prefer and would you consider wearing these style options? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow my blog for a follow back! 🙂


OOTD: Lost stars

The fCelozaslonski zajem 27. 10. 2016 181234.bmp.jpgirst item that I’ve noticed before making this set was the skirt. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. The pink colour is girly and easy-going, while the leather throws in a pinch of badassness and rock. “Looking feminine, but being able to kick ass” is my inspiration in clothing, always. The top is quite ordinary, but I wanted something white and pure alongside this skirt, so I wouldn’t ruin the essence of the outfit by adding something dark and mysterious. Same goes for the shoes. I didn’t want to exaggarate with the look, but I could have added rings, hats, a coat … The possibilities are truly endless.

I think you need to have courage to wear a skirt like that, not everybody can do it and not everybody looks good while doing it! But you need to take chances when it comes to style and when it comes to life in general 😉

OOTD: Hopeful


I’ve actually experimented with this set quite a lot, because I have tons of saved items on Polyvore and I wanted to incorporate some of them in an outfit. This was the result. My most favorite thing is that this has a soul of a rocker – it’s black, the skirt is badass, the purse is something special. And yet the colour of the top and the colour of the heels give this whole outfit a feminine energy and some sense of life. I always pair up the shoes with one of the colours that are present with any of the other items. Because the top is so beautifully colorful, I really wanted to include either blue, red, purple or green. And the red high heels always suit so well with a rock vibe, so I really didn’t have to overthink it. The top is defined as a “sports bra”, but I really like the whole idea of it and I think it doesn’t have a loud sporty vibe, so I just decided to use it nonetheless. The coat has some kind of an Asian vibe to me … I can see an Asian styled woman wearing this with a “half bun”, I think that’d look amazing. The skirt is almost too short for my personal taste, but the coat is long enough to cover the skirt and what-else, so I think it’s a combination that works.

East coat
€68 –

Acne Studios a line skirt
€275 –

Mara Hoffman sports bra
€140 –

Kurt Geiger red shoes
€355 –

Lulu Guinness satchel purse
€285 –

Sure, the items are quite expensive, but don’t forget that you can always take out the idea of an outfit and create a less expensive one. When I make the outfits, I don’t plan on wearing them in real life, so I don’t like being tied up with ideas.What do you think of this outfit, do you find it wearable or would you have to change couple of things? Let me know in the comments!

Playing with styling: A top with lines

My favorite column on my blog is “playing with styling”, because it really points out the fact that you can wear one item in millions of ways. You can create badass and girly combinations, casual and formal ones, colorful and neutral ones … Nothing will stop you.

8bad745756d6f016a683b6fd5f68b3e8.jpgThis time, I am creating with a top. I’m letting you know that upfront, so you can notice the different styling options a bit clearer.
Because of the lines and the design, we won’t be able to use this item for a very formal look. I could create it next to formal pants and an easy-going coat, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for work meetings, etc.

This is really not my style, but I still love the combination, I can’t explain why. It just reminds me of an outfit you can wear when you go out – it’s pretty relaxed, but individual elements of the outfit make it look less casual. Like, the shoes, for an example. I love them! I love that detail on the front, it looks so incredibly expensive. Just because of the shoes, the entire outfit seems like an upgraded version of something that you would normally wear at home. You didn’t put too much effort into an outfit, but it still makes sense and you don’t look … “Tired”.

I think these two outfits aren’t that different one from another, they seem like they suit into the same kind of a style, because neither of them is overly girly and colourful. However, the top still looks a lot different when you use it with different items. I really wanted to use a bright overall, because I didn’t want this outfit to be as dark as the first one. I’d love using brighter shoes too, but these popped onto my feed first and I just decided to use them 😀 If you add jewellry, you’ll pop the outfit even more. If you ask me, I think that both looks are casual and have elements of rock, but they also seem a bit feminine and definitely not too casual.

OOTD: Feels like a kick in the teeth

Feels like a kick in the teeth

The reason I love this outfit so much is that it seems like the most comfy outfit I have ever created. The straps of the top give you a summer, beach-y vibe. The blackness brings the fashionista feeling. These pants have been trending couple of years now. The holes are modern, the colour is fresh and once and for all – women that aren’t model-like-thin can in fact feel comfortable in something. What a miracle. The high heels are the only item that bring this whole outfit to a higher level. If you don’t feel like wearing them, you can change them for a pair of flats and you’ll have an outfit for a very easy walk. Both works, I’d say.

Hollister Co slim shirt
€13 –

Boyfriend fit jeans
€23 –

Dee Keller pointed heel shoes
€265 –

Yves saint laurent bag
€1.765 –

Eugenia Kim woolen hat
brandoutlet.comI’ve put up the details of the items this time, because some of them aren’t all that expensive! 🙂 What do you think of the outfit?