Playing with styling: Miracles + Someone special

Everybody ready for a softer palette again? Here are two sets that fit that definition!

Celozaslonski zajem 25. 08. 2017 134423.bmpThe first item that I picked when I created this outfit was the skirt. I usually do not look for patterns on skirts, but this one is so cute and innocent that I fell in love with it instantly. It was a bit harder to pick the rest of the items, because I wanted a girly and soft vibe, yet nothing I picked matched with that. Then I found this top. It is a bit too “blank” for my taste, but I used it because of its gentle colour. The coat is “blank”, too. It doesn’t have an original shape, but given the fact that the skirt is very original and tasteful, I don’t think it’s necessary to exaggerate with the rest of the clothing. Then I used the heels. My original idea was to use blue heels, but I think that these compliment the outfit better, because the idea of the three colours comes together more beautifully. Green is a difficult colour, but this shade looks pretty.

Celozaslonski zajem 25. 08. 2017 134427.bmpThis second set I’ve created not a long time ago and it was probably the easiest set to create. I had picked all of the items individually and then saw the idea that they would fit together nicely. The skirt yet again has a pattern and it sounds like I am almost lying to you guys that I don’t like skirts with patterns, but I truly don’t! I don’t own any of them, but these two both bought me over and I would consider wearing them in real life, especially this second skirt. It’s very gentle and beautiful. Using a top with a pattern next to a skirt with a pattern is very tricky. Either you don’t do it, or you make sure that they match. I think these two match – both of the items are the dirty colour of white and the pattern isn’t as visible on the top, so it isn’t annoying. These shoes are so beautiful. I love the fact that they match with the idea of the gentle vibe. This shade of pink is very nice.

Which set do you like better, why? What’s your favorite item? Would you consider wearing any of these clothing items or maybe the outfits themselves? Let me know in the comments!


Red carpet: VMAs 2017

It’s been a while since there was a red carpet post and there does lay a reason why: the fact that when I tried writing a TCA red carpet post, I all at once decided that was the most awful red carpet I have witnessed since I started writing rewievs and I spared my own and everybobody’s nerves by deciding not to write about it. LOL! Thanfully, this red carpet wasn’t painful.

Andrea Russett.My favorite look of the night belongs to Andrea Russett who looked absolutely gorgeous in a white dress that is tight around the waist and then just wildly spreads down to her legs. Her tattoo is actually a very nice detail to the dress and it fits beautifuly! Even her make-up and hair look feminine and beautiful. Thank God for the fashion stylist Jazmin Whitley. The dress, I believe, was made by Steven Khalil. I loooove it.

Let’s continue with another white look – Cardi B looked amazing. This outfit is quite complicated, because it has pants, but it’s also a dress, but the upper part of the outfit looks like somekind of a warrior costume … There’s a lot going on. But I personally admire the fact that it’s original and something different. I would maaaaybe consider taking all those details off on the upper part and just leave it with those beautiful sleeves, nothing else. But the warrior theme looks good on her, so it’s whatever.

GettyImages-839957320_master.nocrop.w434.h670Amber Rose.
It’s only right to give this post some contrast, so let’s continue with blackness! I cannot say these two outfits are perfect for me, but I truly admire Demi Lovato (left) and I have been her fan for a long time, so I’m just excited about her … Well, bringing it. While this outfit wouldn’t be my personal pick or style, we can’t say she doesn’t look badass. Then Amber Rose (right) brought  her own “badassery” and rocked the hair and make-up styling. She is gorgeous! The dress fits her body perfectly.

While I am at it, I have to say that Demi Lovato has one of the most hardworking and talented hair & make-up stylists. Don’t get me wrong! She is absolutely gorgeous without all of that glam (have you seen her without make-up? Mind blowing!) and this look is very subtle to begin with, but man … They do their job very well and they know her face perfectly.

Christina MilianGabbie Hanna.
Designer Dennis Basso is in charge of Christina Millian’s (left) look. The colour, in my opinion, isn’t the most perfect choice. I would have changed it, for sure. However … It does suit her hair, her shoes and the jewellry. Gabbie Hanna (right) looked cute and innocent, which I really admire, because women often try too hard to just “look older”. The colour of the dress is really pretty, I like the random cuts and it’s nice.

JinJoo Lee DNCEDNCE have a lot going on, but I HAVE to comment on JinJoo Lee’s look, because she … ROCKED it. The hair, the make up, the dress … You can see this was made for her and I doubt anybody else could wear it the way she does. It’s not complicated or overly glammed … But it works so much better than some of the overly done outfits.

Hailee Steinfeld.lorde
Let’s go back to being cute and girly, Hailee Steinfeld (left) and Lorde (right) brought in some pastel colours. I really like Hailee’s dress! The upper part is so very classy, yet the lower part of the dress has the right length not to make it too glammed up. Perfect combination! Then Lorde … We are so used to seeing her in black, tough outfits that this change was a really great one. She showed everyone that she has a softer side, which suits her nicely, by the way.

Man, I talk a lot! Here are some other cool outfits, with no unecessary babbling from my side …

Julia Michaels.Ivana Baquerojenelle-evans.jpgolivia munn
I love how Olivia Munn (fourth) used a dark lipstick that matches with the redness on her dress. Those are the little details that mean a lot when it comes to style!

Ludacris and Eudoxie Mbouguiengue.One of the best looking couples: Ludacris and Eudoxie Mbouguiengue.

There’s absolutely no way I could leave out this precious little P!NK family moment.

Vanessa Hudgens.Vanessa-Hudgens-Hair-Makeup-2017-MTV-VMAs.jpgVanessa Hudgens … Did she ever not look absolutely gorgeous? Because I doubt it. Her make-up, her attitude, the way she wears that short hair like it was made for her … You go, girl! The dress? I like the dress … But I wish she decided on the length and just went with it. You want it to be short? Keep it short. You want it to be long? Make it long, sister. Don’t … Have it short and then … Decide to have it longer and connect it with different material. Otherwise. Badass, gorgeous. Woman crush.

GettyImages-839983474_master.nocrop.w445.h670To wrap this post up, here is Jared Leto in all of his “I don’t give a …” wizardly vibe, because … Why the hell not!

What was your favorite outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Playing with styling: Crooked teeth & Between angels and insects

I LOVE my rock vibes and It’s always such a pleasure adding them to fashion, so I’ve decided to put up a whole post that will contain two badass and highly rock driven outfits.

Celozaslonski zajem 20. 08. 2017 150804.bmpThe colour black is incredibly important in the rock&metal culture, so here it is. The top is awesome, if you ask me. I’m a sucker for artistic clothing that brings in originality and personal style. Troublemaker … Badass! I’m also a sucker for the “bare shoulders” trend, though you have to be careful with the structure of such shirts, because they do not always fit nicely if you have wide shoulders. The skirt is incredibly formal, so you could use it for family gatherings AND a rock concert, it all just depends on the styling that you use next to it. I like loud colours just as much as I like the colour black, but because the top used the white colour, I wanted to match it up with a pair of white heels. I think it works. I personally like it.

Celozaslonski zajem 20. 08. 2017 150758.bmpHere’s proof that you can be a badass rocker without spilling yourself with darkness. Rockers love colours, too, it all just depends on the vibe that the clothing gives. This skirt, for example, might be colourful, but it still has rock vibes. The beauty of this skirt is the fact that many punk fans love adding it to their style, too, which brings us back to what I always say: individual items have to be styled next to other individual items in order to fit into a certain style. The skirt from the first set is rock because other items are, and same thing goes to this skirt. On its own, though, we could use both of these skirts for different kind of styles. I’m not a sucker for patterns on skirts, but if I had to pick one pattern to love and wear, I’d pick this one. This time, I wanted the heels to fit next to the skirt, instead of the top, so we’ve got beautiful, sunshiny, pair of heels.

What do you think of these two sets, which one do you prefer and what’s your favorite item, overall? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and … ROCK ON!

Playing with styling: Love, hate, tragedy

Hey guys! You know what we haven’t done in a while? A “Playing for styling” kind of a post! I miss messing around with a clothing that I like and styling it differently countless of times … I think that’s the true magic of fashion. Every little detail matters! And every little detail can bring you to a different kind of a style.

Celozaslonski zajem 3. 07. 2017 173654.bmpI’m still not sure whether you guys prefer the softer or the edgier side of me (I don’t know which one do I prefer, either, by the way), but let’s start with a softer version! I’ve instantly fallen in love with this top. I know it’s quite simple, but the zipper is an epic detail that brings a lot of edginess to the top. A small detail … that means a lot. Like I always say. The skirt is very simple. You have to take something away, so you can give something else … That’s why I went all in with the blouse and the high heels. These two items are incredibly important in this set, because they dictated the style of the outfit. They’re both very feminine. Sure, the skirt is quite feminine too, because it brings shape to the body, but it can be quite neutral when it comes to style, since it isn’t anything special. Anyway … The shoes and the blouse! I didn’t want to match the colours together, I think that would be too typical and boring, but they do have similiar shades, so they still fit together. All in all, I think this truly is quite soft.

Celozaslonski zajem 3. 07. 2017 174723.bmpNow on to my edgier side … Does this scream rock, or what?! When I picked the top and decided to style it, my original idea was to use the red skirt, but you won’t believe it … The set on the top was the first one that I created. I suppresed the original idea when I used the blouse and the shoes. But … I couldn’t just leave the top there. That’s why I created this as the second option. I love the fact that three colours are working together to create something stylish. Red and black are very edgy and more known as “sharp”, whereas the white brings in the innocence. I love the fact that the skirt has a split, I loooove the bag that connects everything together, I love the jacket and the shoes. I think I actually prefer this version … Man, it’s badass.

Which version do you prefer and why? Also, do you prefer “Playing with styling” kind of posts or “OOTD” ones? Let me know!

OOTD: Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep
You guys know I am a huge fan of the black colour and I wear it often in real life, but lately I’ve been falling in love over colourful outfits. I love this particular creation because I didn’t put a stop to the colour. Instead, I used as much of it as possible. The skirt is beautiful and it gives me a kind of an italian vibe. It’s classic! Meanwhile, the jacket has more of an urban, street kind of a vibe. People are normally scared of mixing such styles, but I think that being bold truly pays off. I personaly like those two items together. The top is gorgeous, as well. It’s probably my favorite item in this outfit. I love how simple it is – it’s just white, without any additions. Yet! The construction of the top isn’t simple at all. It’s so classy. Then the high heels … I loooove the softness of these shoes. I also love other soft colours: the blue of the jacket, the colours on the purse … That’s the reason that all of these items can come into a unity: there is softness to them. Of course, the skirt brings contrast, but I love that as well! This has to be one of my favorite outfits I have made, EVER. I’ve just been messing around and creating nothing specific, while this came into one.

Roland Mouret spaghetti strap top
€465 –

Balmain blue bomber jacket
€1.610 –

Balenciaga tie dye skirt
€370 –

Jimmy Choo stiletto pumps
€455 –

Prada multi colored handbag
€2.175 –

What do you think of this outfit?! What’s your favorite item? Why? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @styleoftamara.

Red carpet: Billboard music awards 2017

Truth be told, I was wondering when are we going to get a new red carpet just the other day and I am glad I didn’t have to wait too long. Here’s Billboard music awards’ red carpet! Yay!
My FAVORITE look of the night was this beautiful gown worn by Lindsey Stirling (left). If you compare it with her 2014 look (right), you can see just how much she has upgraded her style! I think that the colour suits her beautifuly, since she is naturally pale, the construction is appealing to the woman’s figure and all in all – she is glowing. Could the designer Ellie Youssef get me this dress, too?!

Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017
Nicole Sherzinger … WOW! I think that the biggest applause ever deserves the team behind her make-up and hair, because they’ve made her look absolutely beautiful. Natural, yet popping. To me – Nicole is the definition of a woman that I aspire to be. The dress fits her amazingly and even though you will never hear me admit that I’d be a fan of fringes, I can appreciate the originality behind it.
Ashley Tisdale
is another inspiring woman. I personally love jumpsuits and I think this one suits her nicely, I just wish it had a more certain shape. I’m not a fan of baggy items … But hey, did Ashley ever make a bad fashion move? No way! And her make-up is beautiful, as well.

sam-hunt-and-hannah-lee-fowler-bbmas-red-carpet-2017-a-billboard-12402017 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
Here are some more gentle colours! It looks like peach is fashionable again and I love it. It’s not Hannah Lee Fowler’s dress (left) that makes her look so incredibly gorgeous … It’s the WAY she wears it! It’s incredibly important that you do not let a dress overshadow you and she didn’t. She is beautiful. And it suits her skin tone! Lauren Elizabeth (right) didn’t exaggerate with her look, she went with the phrase “less is more” and it was the right choice! I think a long dress wouldn’t have looked half as amazing as this short dress did.

Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180740Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180805
Love me some black choices! Jeannie Mai (left) and Whitney Woerz (right) brought some elegant rock to the red carpet. The cuts of the both clothing are made perfectly. If they looked any different, they wouldn’t have made sense. The little details mean SO MUCH!

Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180453Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180443
Camila Cabello (left) stepped our in a loud red dress, which I love! I remember seeing her mostly in black outfits when she was still in Fifth Harmony, but this truly made her stand out from the crowd. Bravo to the designer Jonathan Simkhai! Every woman needs a little black dress, so Rachel Lindsay (right) delivered. The fit, the length, the collar … Everything looks just right. Not everyone can pull off black, but she did. Amazing!

Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180748Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180437
Now, you guys KNOW I always do this … Who ALMOST made the cut for my favorite red carpet looks, but not quite? Savvy Shields (left) wore a beautiful gown, but the material made it look like a prom dress. I like her hair, I like her make-up … She looks extravagant, yet natural. But … It’s not quite perfect. Olivia Munn’s look (right) isn’t perfect, either. I love the upper part of the dress and I can appreciate the flowers … However, the body under the dress and the see-through part sadly make this look a bit cheap. She is beautiful, don’t get me wrong! But the dress needs fixing.

Here are some other red carpet looks to satisfy your curiosity …

GettyImages686449874P2017Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180430
Celozaslonski zajem 22. 05. 2017 180420v.jpg

That’s it! What were your favorite red carpet looks? Let me know in the comments! 

OOTD: Bed of roses

Never enough

It’s always important to have an outfit that makes sense as a whole. While you pick the items that you like individually, you also have to make sure that each and every clothing fits together nicely. I firstly picked the blouse, which is my absolutely favorite item in this set, and then it made sense to work from that. I love the rose detail, but I didn’t want to use a red skirt, because I preferred the idea of making this outfit a bit darker. It made sense, though, to use a skirt that has a detail with roses as well. The colour of both of those items is a a washed out black, so I was searching for a black top that has a similiar shade. To all of the people that aren’t fans of all-black outfits: you’ll never understand the struggle of owning black items that are different shades! It’s so annoying. So I truly couldn’t use a darker black.  And in the end, I was searching for red high heels. I wanted matte heels, but these ones aren’t too shiny, so I made it work. When the outfit was put together, I found myself being satisfied with the result! We definitely have to be careful not to exaggarate with the rose detail, but I think that’s the main idea of this outfit, so I had to use it! 🙂

I love the rock vibe that this outfit has, I always prefer that over a girly vibe. Just because I personally think I wear that better.

By the way! I ALMOST made an affordable outfit! Check the details below:

AX Paris embroidery blouse
€57 –

Yves Saint Laurent cropped shirt
€195 –

Boohoo midi skirt
€27 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors slip on shoes
€69 –

3 1 Phillip Lim genuine leather handbag
€650 –

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments! Till next time x