Playing with styling: New divide

People often say you don’t have to own too many items. Sometimes you can own a small number of shirts that you can style differently. Every change is an obvious one! I’ve decided to use one item in a couple of sets, just to show you that I am not lying.

Celozaslonski zajem 26.4.2016 154909.bmp

This is currently wearable in my country. It gets colder every now and then, but sun is getting out more and more often. In those times, you just want to feel comfortable and not too hot. Black isn’t exactly appropriate for the sunny days, but I must admit it doesn’t bother me at all. If I am about to burn to my death, I may burn in style ­čśŤ

Celozaslonski zajem 26.4.2016 155238.bmp


Alright, if you are REALLY not a fan of black, this set might suit you better. I am still loyal to the black, but a little less. The colours may be more fun and they definitely bring the energy of the sun better. By now, you’ve probably realized the top is the item I will be using in all of the sets. Also! You could change the black cardigan with a jean jacket. I won’t lie, I am not a fan of jean matching … I think it’s a bit too much … But whatever suits you.

Celozaslonski zajem 26.4.2016 155828.bmp
See, I can create brighter sets, it’s not impossible! I’ve used a high waist skirt, just because the top is cropped and it would most likely match best with a high waisted item. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this, because I’d rather use a brighter top to go with this skirt … I also think the top should be stripeless in order to match with the skirt. I usually┬ádon’t like this kind of styling,┬ábut I find this set likeable.

Celozaslonski zajem 26.4.2016 161603.bmp

This set isn’t as “fashionable”, but it’s a reminder that I am no high fashioned girl. In fact, this is most likely something I’d wear in real life – to school or a walk outside. It doesn’t take much to style it, but if you think about it right – neither do the other ones.

I’ve used four different sets to show you you can style one item in all kind of ways. I know I haven’t used colourful items as much, but I just wouldn’t be loyal to myself if I did. I wanted to style something more formal as well … I even started a set with formal pants … But in the end, I just decided this top isn’t formal enough to be used like that.

Do you like any of these sets? Let me know in the comments! Also – how would you style this top?


Full of lines

Hi guys! I’ve decided to make a post full of Polyvore sets that include items with lines. It’s the pattern I┬áuse most often, so I’ll have enough material.

Celozaslonski zajem 16.4.2016 125352.bmpIt’s currently Spring in Slovenia, so this style is actually wearable right now! I’d like to see this top in a combination with a long skirt, because I think the material of the top would suit perfectly with a flowing item. But right now, I am sticking with my rock roots and combining it with a pencil skirt. I could change the shoes, but it seemed like a good fit with the jacket at the time. A strawberry on the cake are the glasses. I wouldn’t use any jewelry with this, maybe a couple of rings, but that is about it.

Celozaslonski zajem 16.4.2016 125816.bmp

I get so excited when I create sets that I would actually wear in real life! In the second set, the lines are present in the jacket. We know different styles are getting modern with time and people are starting to love mixes of different styles. Formal, yet easy-going is the next trend.

Celozaslonski zajem 16.4.2016 130259.bmp

I am a very simple person and my favorite thing in fashion right now is wearing a coat/flannel shirt with a pattern over a simple top, which is what I did in the third set. Alright, this top isn’t exactly the┬ámost simple top ever, it has a pattern on its own. I still like how the items suit together, tough.

Which set is your favorite one, what are your favorite items altogether? Let me know in the comments!
With love,

Ain’t it fun

I know I don’t normally create softer sets. I love black colour and I feel most comfortable in it – creating designs I would actually wear is always the easiest thing to do. But! Even though this set hardly includes any black colour, I would definitely wear it.

Celozaslonski zajem 2.4.2016 162255.bmpI love the top in this set. Patterns got incredibly popular this year. I don’t like roses or “girly” stuff, but this pattern reminds me of a really cool tattoo. I feel as if the colour of the top suits better with white than black, so I’ve included white pants. We know white is a difficult colour, but I love the innocence of it. When it comes to accessories – I love using hats and I’d use bracelets and rings for this set. I wouldn’t add a necklace, because the top is bold enough on its own.

Celozaslonski zajem 2.4.2016 163040.bmp
I think flats would suit the set better. I find the shoes I’ve added in the original set a little bit too “sharp”. The entire set is chilled down, so we definitely want to keep that flow.

How do you like this set? What is your favorite item or what would you change? Let me know in the comments!