Set number 9 – Inspired Look

The set9.bmpgood thing about Polyvore is that there are plenty of ways for us to get inspired. You can get inspired by looking at other people’s creations, your creations or by making a set for a contest. I’ve realized I make best sets when I am not in pressure, just creating and adding things that somehow look good together. This time I was inpired by a Polyvore contest “Silver Jewelry” where the main task was to just follow your style and then add some silver jewelry to it.
Celozaslonski zajem 27.7.2015 183401.bmp Celozaslonski zajem 27.7.2015 183404.bmpIf you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll know that this style has everything I love: a beautiful pencil skirt that shows the best features on a woman’s body, a simple and beautiful top, a purse (because quite frankly, every woman needs a purse), a necklace and beautiful heels.
Celozaslonski zajem 27.7.2015 183411.bmp Celozaslonski zajem 27.7.2015 183408.bmpAccessories can be quite expensive and since they don’t change the style completely, we can choose anything else. I would probably pair this style with a set of earrings, a hat … You can experiment all the way through. Play with your style. But. Don’t add too much accessories! And it depends on your style whether you are a bold fashion person or not. I wouldn’t add any colourful accessories to this set, because I like matching things up. But you can, of course, spice your style up if you want to.

Celozaslonski zajemggg 27.7.2015 183408The best thing about heels is that they make a woman look more professional and feminine. I love adding colourful heels to less colourful style. If I pair an all black outfit, I love adding red heels. Because the today’s style contains a gentle colour of blue, I added a gentle shade of pink as well.

This style could be girly, but the pencil skirt adds the “woman vibe” and the accessories bring out the bolder side of a woman.

If you wish to buy any of the items I used in my set, click on the highlighted words and they will send you to a Polyvore’s URL where you can purchase them. If there is no link, the item is sadly sold out.

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Set number 8 – The formal universe

I’ve polyvoresetbeen absent for some time, but I’ve really been trying to get inspired as much as possible, so I can create beautiful sets and upload them later on this site. I’ve honestly been “suffering” from the lack of inspiration, so that kind of explains why I haven’t posted anything in such a time.
But I am back here, with a new formal set
that contains live and interesting colours and I am truly happy with my work! 😉


One thing you “need” to know about me is that I simply love pants! I despise jeans and if I only had the courage to actually wear my style in real life, I wouldn’t own even one pair of jeans. Pants are beautiful, feminine. They are great for any kind of a body figure: skinny, fuller. They hide your calfs and higlight the butt. I don’t know what women want, but that’s something I’d search for! I also love the dreamy colour of these pants. Even though pants are normally more formal, the colour is casual and just free.
Celozaslonski zajem 23.7.2015 193159.bmpI am not entirely excited about this top (I normally don’t like strapless tops), but I think the colour
is the one that truly dragged me toward this item. Bright colours go great together and yellow and blue look simply stunning.


The good thing of the top is that we can use it for either casual or formal styles if we match it correctly. And that’s exactly the reason why I added a necklace. I wanted a richer look. Since the top is truly simple, the necklace brings out the sophistication.

My absolute favorite item are these expensive Another bright colour that matches well with the rest of the items, slim heels that express professionalism. Just shoes that make a woman look taller and therefore slimmer and shoes that are shaped simple, but pretty.

I believe the bag brings the casualness to the look, therefore this style is more of a street style than an actual formal one. You can either use the bag or not.

That’s the end of this post. If you liked any of the items, please click on them to purchase them on Polyvore (those that don’t have an URL attached are sadly sold out).
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Set number 7 – Black not included

I think it was about time for me to cresetate a set where black isn’t included! So, here we are then. A formal, but casual style at the same time. I’ve matched different colours, added a pattern, a necklace, beautiful shoes … The final product is something I would definitely wear in real life.
In a set like this where I just create and somehow put together the items that I love, it’s hard to pick my favorite item. Everything is beautiful and wearable to me. If you have your favorite item from this set, you should comment about it down in my comments!

shoes If my life was on the line, I’d pick these shoes as my favorite item. I love this colour!
It’s bright, simple, beautiful, youthful. And energetic as well. Looking at my set, the colours are quite pale,
but because of these shoes,
the set is still not boring.

I believe pantseveryone needs a pair of formal pants/trousers (not just for formal events) and I always prefer these over basic jeans. They are nearly created to make a woman’s figure look more feminine. They cover up the things we want to cover and highlight everything a woman loves about her body (booty!).


One item that my everyday style nearly NEEDS to have, is a necklace. No matter how simple your choices are, a necklace will be the final touch to something beautiful.
I am a huge fan of layered necklaces and since this set contains a very simple shirt, it’s the reason I had to include it 😉

My best friend is a huge fan of kimonos and I think thkimonoey are nearly perfect for casual styles. They’re not too “warm”, so you can add them to a style more for the accessory than an actual item (meaning, jackets). I love this pale colour of the item which makes me feel somehow happier and more comfortable in my skin. It’s a beautiful kimono that just adds up to my set.

topThe only item that is left to include is this simple top.
I didn’t want anything with a pattern, considering the fact that shoes and the kimono are the soul of this set and this style. Also! The necklace is interesting on itself, so that’s another reason why I wanted to go in casual.

At the end, that is everything I used in my set. The only thing I would change if I wanted to buy this set are the pants. They are quite expensive.
If you want to purchase any of the items, just click on the words in the text. If the items do not include URLs, they are sadly sold out.

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Set number 6 – The battle with patterns

Wpolyvoreforever-young89e always have to be careful while matching up. We can go the safe way and only pair up two different colours we know look good together. OR be bolder. Louise Roe likes wearing more than just two colours. With her fashion sense, it still looks beautiful and trendy. Another step forward when it comes to pairing can be matching up the patterns. Not every pattern works well together. We have to be careful to not match the outfit too much. It can remember of “trashy” looks and we never want to go for that. Today I’ve put together an outfit with two patterns, which is quite bold for me. I think they suit together well and I would wear this in real life.

polyvoreforever-young89My favorite puzzle of this look are the shoes. I like platforms with an edgy, rock look. I could see myself pulling these off with any kind of dressing (besides an actual dress). They would go well with jeans, colourful pants, trousers with patterns … Anything our mind could think of. I like the plain look of the shoes, since the patterns of the clothing are bold enough.

polyvoreforever-young89My second favorite item are these trousers. I remember they were incredibly trendy couple of 10-years back. Nearly every kid owned one of these (with colourful options as well). That’s why I was never a fan of these trousers. I thought of them as a too much of a casual item. If everybody owns it, it’s nothing special. The pattern made me a little … Weird, as well. But as I have grown up, I started looking at them as another edgy and rock item. Not everyone can pull them off, but everyone that can, make them look gorgeous.

polyvoreforever-young89 polyvoreforever-young89This top is quite sporty and simple, but it comes nicely with this kind of an outfit.
And the next trend: wearing shirts over a top. It’s a casual kind of a trend and it doesn’t make us incredibly feminime or anything like that. But, what’s comfy, is cool as well.

All in all, I think this is a street look. We can pull it off as a school outfit and show our style by being edgy, but not inappropriate.
Bag included (1350€), this outfit would cost us 2038€. With the shirt and shoes being sold out, we would need 1663€. Since the bag would take out a lot of money, let’s agree we’ll find a cheaper item. At the end, for the trousers and the top we need 313€.
However, we can agree that finding cheaper trousers the same look wouldn’t be a problem. Adding the look different, but similiar shoes and a shirt + a bag, if you are careful, your look can surely be cheaper than 313€.

If you want to puchase any of the items, click on the words.

That’s all from me.
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Set number 5 – The dog days are over

Celozaslonski zajem 9.7.2015 155828.bmpThis is probably one of the most classy sets I have ever made. This would be signed “Tamara” all over if I added a hat, used a backpack instead of the purse, used a black skirt, a necklace and a pair of platform shoes. And this set … Well, it’s almost none of those, is it? On behalf of my actualy style, the shirt would actually be the only one that would stay!
However, even though I probably wouldn’t wear this, I love this set. I love the pencil skirt, the beautiful white heels and the blouse with a bit of a pattern.
polyvoreforever-young89I wouldn’t want to be repeating myself, because I used a pencil skirt in one of the previous sets already. But pencil skirts truly scream “classy”. They are so incredibly feminime and beautiful. I love this skirt’s colour as well, because it reminds of joy and freedom and not at all of boredom. I was thinking about bringing even more colour to this style. I would have added a colourful shirt to go with the skirt, but I didn’t want too much explosion of the “matchy-matchy”.
polyvoeforever-young89Just as feminime and beautiful is this V-Neck blouse. It reveals a bit of skin to make the woman look young, but it’s not too daring, so a woman can still look classy. The trick of this blouse are the lines. They make a woman look thinner.
We could easily add a simple necklace to go with the blouse as well.

polyvoreHere is also another styling idea for everyone that prefer grunge instead. We can’t wear a pencil skirt for every situation anyway. This set was created by the user .

My style would have costed us 330€ with the reduced price of the blouse and without the bag and sunglasses or 1525€ with those two items.
My suggestion would be: buy the beautiful blouse and then improvise. The skirt is sadly sold out, so you would have to use something similar. The bag and the sunglasses are pretty expensive, so I’d rather find something cheaper in the shop. Shoes cost 120€. If that isn’t pricey for you, go ahead and buy them. However, you can find just as gorgeous shoes in the shop for at least half the price.

I truly hope you liked my set. If you would consider buying any of the items I used (without the skirt which is sadly sold out), you can click on the words I used in the text and the URL will send you to Polyvore where you can purchase them.

Thank you for everything!

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Set number 4 – Black is the colour of life.

Tpolyvoreforever-young89oday’s look is nearly completely black and I am not going to lie … I love it! This is a grunge/rock style and it’s the kind of style that I like the most.
I have a clear obsession with hats. I don’t know what is the deal with that, but I guess I just believe that hats make us look cooler.
Looking at this set, it’s definitely something I would wear in real life if I had the money, body AND confidence to do it, haha. The only item I am a little sceptical of are the shoes. I wouldn’t normally wear them, but they go nicely with the rest of the items.
topshoptop000forever-young89maxandchloenecklace000forever-young89Picking my favorite items in a set that contains everything I like is rather tough. There are two items that gladly stand out, though. In real life, I don’t wear much colour or patterns. I like black, because I feel comfortable in it. I don’t like looking boring though, so everytime I pair an “all black look”, I have to add a necklace to it. That’s why my first favorite item is this necklace.
Even though I don’t wear patterns casually, I still love them. I think they make a woman look more courageous and interesting. I also like these “stripes” that go around the neck. That’s why my second favorite item is this gorgeous top.
skirthatpurse000forever-young89Looking at the prices, you can tell I haven’t picked the items carefully. The necklace and top are sadly both sold out. However, we can still buy the hat, purse, skirt and the shoes. To be honest … They are all quite expensive. The skirt costs 140€ (295€ not reduced). Sunglasses cost 315€ (420€ not reduced). The purse costs 1445€.nastygalshoes000forever-young89
are obviously the cheapest at the cost of 57€ (although they are sold out as well).
Our whole look costs 1900€ with reduced prices without the top, necklace, shoes and the hat. Since the top, shoes and the necklace are all sold out, we sadly can’t use them.
But, here is a quick tip: the hat I used in the set costs 220€, the one I own costed 15€.Therefore, if you liked my set and would like to buy the items, I advise you to buy similiar items, not exact. (For example, hats all look the same more or less and so do skirts and sunglasses). However, If you can afford them, click on the words and the URL will send you to Polyvore.

Fashion kisses,

Set number 3 – The love of red

Tpolyvoreforever-young89oday’s set is all about the love of red which I mixed together with black and white. I’ve said before that my absolute favorite colour to dress in is black. Well, I love mixing black with colours which are more alive, so the whole look isn’t boring. I love patterns as well, as they bring some kind of joy into the look.
At the end, I brought together everything I love (high heels included) and this is what we get as the result. A red crop top that costs only 9,08€ which is incredibly cheap. These days, for a price like that, we only get simple black shirts with stripes. Long sleeve shirt for a little colder days that will make our style something special, at the price of 12€. Pencil skirt at the price of 59€. The whole look costs 80,08 € without the high heels. I couldn’t get the exact price for those, but apparently they cost around 98,79€. Let’s just say we’ll find something cheaper to go with, haha.
croptop-polyvore-forever-young89pencilskirtpolyvore-forever-young89My favorite items of this look are both the crop top and the pencil skirt. I love the collar on the crop top, because it can make a woman look more mature and sophisticated, since it’s not showing the cleavage. I love the colour as well!
1387209207_jesy-nelson-tattoo-rose-little-mix-perrie-edwards-the-x-factor-leigh-anne-pinnock-jade-thirwell-instagram-zayn-malikAbout that pencil skirt … Jesy Nelson from Little Mix often wears pencil skirts. And she is so right! A pencil skirt covers more than enough, but makes the legs still look appealing. It forms a beautiful figure, as it’s tight around the hips. It brings the best out of a woman’s body.
You can always pair it with beautiful heels.
I love platform shoes, but anything can go with it.
If you buy a pencil skirt with patterns, it looks even better. It’s the new trend of rock and formal style. And I am honestly in love with it.

That’s about it for today’s fashion. If you want to buy any of the items I’ve used in my set (except heels), you can click on the words above and the URL will send you to Polyvore where you can purchase the items.

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