Set number 22 – MINE

Celozaslonski zajem 18.11.2015 174153.bmpEvery now and then, I create a set that totally blows me off. It’s funny to think that you can be proud of something you have created – so much, but yes, this is the case.
I love this set, because it’s 100% me. It includes a pattern, the colour black, a more alive colour, a hat and flats. The only way this set could be any more ME is if I added a necklace, a couple of rings and painted my nails black. This is me. This is … Mine.
I love styles that have a touch of the 90s. While watching older TV shows (such as Friends), I can’t not be amazed by the way women are dressed. I love vintage clothes, but at the same time – I like being trendy. Matching different styles, clothes that fit into different areas is my favorite thing to do.

Celozaslonski zajem 18.11.2015 180441.bmp
Black cashmere off-shoulder cropped knit top from Dorothee Schumache is my favorite item in this set. I love pants with a high waist and fact is – we can style this top with them. I love showing shoulders, although this kind of items can be “difficult” for women, wearing bras and such. But I love them, because a woman’s figure pops in items like this and we can easily style them with necklaces, hats, etc. It’s my kind of style.

Celozaslonski zajem 18.11.2015 180444.bmpWe do need to be careful with tops. It’s important that we cover ourselves up. It’s important we are stylish, not over revealing. That’s what this coat is for in this case. Black looks good with any kind of a colour, I especially love styling it with blue, red and purple. This coat brings the youth to the set. It also kind of brings in the 90s style. The coat has, sadly, been sold out for quite some time now, may I mention.

Celozaslonski zajem 18.11.2015 180448.bmpEven though, yes, I love the coat … I need to say these jeans are my second favorite item. I don’t know what’s up with me and patterns with lines/circles, but yeah … I love them. It’s also known that straight lines can make us look thinner – although, if they are rotated the other way, they make us look fuller. It’s an interesting fact.

In order to finish a style, we need to add shoes and accessories. I’ve included flats, because I think they are the most comfortable, but they also suit this style the best. A hat is an item I love wearing and adding whenever I can, so … That’s all I have to say ūüėÄ

What do you think about this set? What’s your favorite item, what would you add or change? Let me know in the comments.

Till next time,
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Hello everybody! The biggest problem of being a Polyvore creator-who-has-a-blog-but-is-procrastinating-with-publishing-her-own-posts is the fact that I create cool styles¬†I don’t post right away, but when I remember of those cool styles, everything is already sold out and I have tons of new sets I’d love to publish instead.
So … Here are my forgotten, but unforgotten sets.

Set number 1 – Pure magic
Celozaslonski zajem 12.11.2015 154717.bmp
I love the fact that this set is so pure and bright. I’ve matched up pants, the top and even the cool bag that contains the colour blue. Looking at it, I would only change the shoes. Even though they are as bright, I feel as if something else would look better.

Set number 2 – Relaxed
Celozaslonski zajem 12.11.2015 155038.bmp
I feel as this is a really relaxing kind of a style that we can use for those days when we don’t feel like looking entirely fabulous, but we don’t want to¬†look tired either. If the skirt reaches the bottom, don’t worry about your shoes and replace the killing high heels for flats.

Set number 3 – Edgy and simple
Celozaslonski zajem 12.11.2015 155413.bmp
I adore patterns and the one that this skirt has makes me obsessed. It’s unique and cool. It makes the style look so much more alive. The kimono and the top bring this set that kind of a chill, but the bag and the shoes bring the¬†edgyness back. It’s a mix of everything. It’s edgy and simple at the same time.

Set number 4 – Formally rocking

Celozaslonski zajem 12.11.2015 155701.bmp
I love matching up, so the matching I have done in this set just makes my heart race. White, dark and light blue, black. All of the colours are spilling together and it’s awesome. We can use this kind of a style for more formal events. And I have a feeling Bethany Joy Lenz inspired me while I was making this set, because it totally reminds me of her style.

Set number 5 – Beautiful in white
Celozaslonski zajem 12.11.2015 160021.bmp
I personally don’t wear any white items and I can’t remember of events where/when we could pull off a pure, white outfit. But sometimes you just have to create and the thing that gets done looks alright. I love the top in this set and the lace that covers the skirt. It’s girly, but feminine.

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t mentioned where could you get the items that are used in my sets. Sadly, most of them are sold out. If you want to purchase anything, let me know. I’ll look it up and tell you whether it’s sold out or not.

What is your favorite set? What’s more fun to read – the posts where I only focus on one set or would you prefer seeing more posts like this? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice day!

Set number 21 – A piece of Autumn

I am so bad at creating Autumn/Winter outfitCelozaslonski zajeeeeem 5.11.2015 171320.bmps. I honestly don’t know what my deal is, but creating outfits with shirts with long sleeves is the hardest thing to do for me. Sometimes, even styling pants is difficult. So, yeah, you’ll find a looot of outfits ideas with skirts + tops, because those are my favorite and I am best at it. Everything else is just … Whatever. But I need to work on my diversity and since there is Autumn in my city right now, I decided to give you a piece of Autumn.
You will probably need to add a coat to this outfit when the temperature drops, but with all the work I have in school right now (and the procrastinating I do the rest of the time) this is honestly the best thing I managed to create¬†ūüėÄ

Celozaslonski zajem 5.11.2015 172411.bmp Celozaslonski zajem 5.11.2015 172459.bmpCelozaslonski zajem 5.11.2015 172517.bmpCelozaslonski zajem 5.11.2015 172519.bmp
¬†Click on the words in the text¬†if you want to purchase any of the items. If there is no link, it’s sold out.

I love this sweater because of the bare shoulders it has. I like the colour as well, as it reminds me of Autumn. Red, green and orange all remind me of Autumn. It’s such a dreamy season.
If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know I can get boring. I don’t like being too bold when it comes to matching the colours. So, the fact that I didn’t choose a black/white shirt to go with the trousers is … Unusual at least.
I do like patterns and I wanted to bring some life to this outfit. Even with the cool trousers, the outfit is still a little “boring”, but I actually¬†like it that way.
We can always bright our outfits up with accessories, I’ve talked about that for tons of times! I love adding hats, but I wouldn’t mind adding pretty and simple jewellry.
Last, but not any less important, are the shoes. I didn’t really check the material, but I think it’s more or less rain material. We have to be warm and dry.

Looking at it – I personally wouldn’t necessary add a coat on a colder day. I think a cool jacket would be more appropriate. The sweater itself looks a bit “fluffy” and the rest of the items look quite badass. That’s why I think a jacket would be a better fit.

What do you think, have I made this “I apologize for not writing this long!” obvious enough?

Comment whether you like this set or not, what are your ideas?

I’ll hear from you sooner than the last time, I hope.