Red carpet: Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016 – BEST DRESSED

sofia vergara in vera wang.jpgemmys2014.jpg
                                   Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang (left), Emmys 2014 (right)
We’ve seen Sofia in red, white, silver and blue before, this time she looks girly and elegant in pink. I’ve noticed she’s been using more neutral colours for red carpet looks for the last couple of times. Her dresses always have a similar cut, too (as the one on the right), so this is a pleasant surprise!

Sarah-Hyland Wearing a J. Mendel strapless dressemmys2015
            Sarah Hyland in blue at 2016’s SAGA(left), Emmys 2015 (right)
We KNOW this girl has some serious style, she totally blew me away with the dress choice she used for 2015’s Emmys and it’s not the only styling choice I love, either. This year, she looks good in blue. I am not entirely obsessed with hair and the upper pattern of the dress, but she is lovely.

laura prepon Wearing a Carmen Marc Valvo dress.I’ve loved Laura Prepon at this red carpet! She looks playful, but elegant in the white choice. I like her entire styling, the hair is slicked back and shows her real beauty and charm. She is definitely gorgeous in the Carmen Mark Valvo dress.

The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet                                                         Rooney Mara in a Valentino gown
I think this choice has to be my favorite one! You might say I am boring, but let me give you some arguments! I love how pure the actress looks. Her hair is pulled in a ponytail, she wears no to little make up (with eyebrows that are standing out) and the dress shows her thin figure beautifully. It’s not boring, because the cut of the dress pushes into her sexy side, without being too revealing or too daring.

diane laneJULIANNA MARGULIES in antonio beraldi
                                    Diane Lane (left), Julianna Margulies (right)
Another blue choice at the SAG awards that totally worked! Diana looks elegant and beautiful. I liked Julianna’s white choice as well, the only comment I have to make is that I think the dress would look even better without that upper part, strapless.

Kiernan-Shipka Wearing an Erdem gownKiernan Shipka is another lady that belongs on the list of the best dressed, by my opinion. I love this dress. It doesn’t look too complicated, but it’s not boring either. I love the patterns. I’m not sure about the colour and how these blue and purple (?) blend in together, but this is youthful and I support it.

naomi wattsCLAIRE DANES
Naomi Watts and Claire Danes are the two laides that have … SOMETHING. Their dresses didn’t charm me completely, I feel as if something is missing. Maybe if Naomi’s dress had pants instead and if the pattern wasn’t so loud … And maybe if Claire’s dress had a different upper cut (because I just feel as if this doesn’t suit her), I would have loved their choices more. They do look good, but something feels off.

Golden Globes awards were the last that happened before these (which red carpet I talked about, at least) and those looks bought me over better than these did. A lot of looks lacked style at SAG awards, to me at least.

Nonetheless, I have to respect the fact that everyone has their unique style. It’s important that celebrities show that, even if it won’t be the popular choice. Every lady looked delightful, I hope everyone had a good time and congratulations goes to everybody who have won an award! I am especially excited for Viola Davis who took an award for best drama actress. For the second time in a row. Bravo!



stilIt’s not hard for me to make sets – I am passionate about fashion and I have a lot of ideas. However, I am a commenter by heart. It’s way easier to create something for somebody else, or to comment on somebody else’s designs. Red carpets, for an example, always bring me joy. I dig up my favorite outfits, compare them with everything that was worn last years and create different lists.
It’s different with this. When I create something, it can’t be described and I don’t want it to be decribed, either.

So, what is this? It’s a piece of rock. It includes shoes that kind of just remind me of great rockers with great style. I choose a backpack over feminine bags and I choose vintage pants over ripped jeans.
To make a cool impression, you add a pair of sunglasses.
When you don’t want to exaggerate, you use a very simple top and your style is almost done.

The scarf, I don’t know. I manly added it as an aesthetic, but it can be used.

This is one of those styles when people just know you didn’t try hard with it, but you still look amazing and cool.

Let me know whether you have any ideas or requests for a post of mine. I like hearing from you, so please do.

Red carpet: GOLDEN GLOBES 2016 – Best dressed

ZENDAYAZendaya is a beautiful woman and while I am far from being a fan of layered dresses, I need to admit this suits her. The colour is gorgeous. Would I have preferred it without the layers? Sure. But it’s more interesting this way.

LAVERNE COXIt’s not the first time that Laverne Cox looks good. I’ve noticed pale women cannot pool off white dresses. It looks boring. Laverne, on the other hand, knows what she is doing. And she is even doing it good.

MELISSA BENOISTMelissa Benoist recently got married! Maybe her colour is white (despite the fact that she is quite pale, but the patterns of the dress save her look). It’s not THE HOTTEST LOOK OF THE YEAR, but it’s girly and cute.

One of my favorite ladies in the industry is Sophia Bush. Left is her look for the Golden Globe Awards. She looks thin, elegant and gorgeous, as she normally does. Right, I need to say I miss the dark haired girl with a bun and a stunning red gown. She has better red carpet looks. However, she is still one of my favorite dressed, just because she doesn’t need to do much to look beautiful.

Amber-Heardlily james
Based on these two looks, it seems as if Amber Heard (left) and Lily James (right) have a similiar style. I like them both. I am not exactly obsessed with the fabric, but it’s elegant and chilled at once.

EMILIA CLARKEOne of my absolutely favorite picks goes to Emilia Clarke. It reminds me of my personal style. Maybe a lighter look would seem better for awards such as this one, but I think she risked a lot by showing off her style and I admire that a lot.

Gina Rodriguez wins for my second favorite look of the night (which is first? Look at it right below!). I love the colour of the dress, the cut, the fabric … The dress even has POCKETS! Who wouldn’t want pockets?! And she didn’t overdo the look with jewelry. I love this.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.Jenna-Dewan-Tatum
My personal opinion is that THE best dressed were THE TATUMS. This couple ruled the red carpet. Jenna looks stunning in that moon-blue dress, covered with a pattern that resembles the stars. They are the stars, together.

I miss couple of people … Emma Stone, for an example. Where is she at? She probably wasn’t nominated at anything, but she is usually the queen of red carpets. Look at this older look below!
Pictures-Emma-Stone-Wearing-Calvin-Klein-2011-Golden-Globe-Awards-2011-01-16-163833Would be peachy if she was around this year as well.

I was VERY glad for couple of wins, such as Mr. Robot (winning over GAME OF THRONES, may I say, that’s a huge compliment), Leonardo DiCaprio. Lawrence … The only thing I cannot let go of is the fact that Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) was practically robbed off a GG. He is an amazing actor. He would have deserve it.

I also missed a “Naya Rivera” entrance at the red carpet, what happened with that? She did show up at the after party with her newly husband AFTER giving birth to her son couple of months ago and … She looks like a stunning new mom. With that figure, nobody could have guesses she IS a mom.

Left: Naya at this year’s after party. Right: Naya at a random past red/blue carpet.
CYctHhQWkAEAWEaWe EVEN got a small Glee reunion of Grant and Naya. Just to finish off this awesome event in style.

That’s about it. What were your favorite outfits? Let me know in the comments!

Red carpet: People’s Choice Awards 2016

Ladies simply rule the red carpet looks. There are SO MANY good looks of this year’s PCA and even though I haven’t been the first one to talk about them, I believe it’s never too late 😉

Left is Lucy Hale‘s red carpet look for this year’s People’s Choice Awards and I feel like talking about it because I know Lucy mostly wears shorter and more colourful looks (right: TCA 2015). I am stunned, I love her for expressing the “inner goth” in herself. I like the whole styling, make up included! I also think longer dresses suit her better.

lea micheleTCA.jpg
Lea Michele did a very similiar thing – even though she mostly wears cute and girly dresses at red carpets these days, she brought good attention to her with this year’s all-black outfit. There’s been a lot of dark outfits at this red carpet and my inner “dark” self is excited!

2FDC047600000578-3380465-image-m-179_1452132747089Ashley Benson looks gorgeous in another dark outfit. I like the pure styling of this. (I am not excited of the shoes, though).

Alison BrieKeeping it simple and pure is the new trend and it must be my favorite trend ever. The next lady that looks gorgeous is Alison Brie. The cut of this dress shows off her figure perfectly.

Nathalie EmanuelWhat is Nathalie Emmanuel doing? That combination is secretly killing me.

Renee Olstead
Just because I, myself, love styles that include black and a pattern, I need to talk about Renee Olstead. They say gingers have more fun and in that amazing outfit, I bet she really does.

And why does Kate Hudson look so amazingly good in jumpsuits? The ONLY thing that is missing (for me, at least) is a high ponytail she has in the right picture. Is Kate a fashion angel? Might as well be.

Maggie LawsonIF
Maggie Lawson and Portia de Rossi bring the party in white colour. And Portia always looks so good! Fashion is absolutely her thing.

Keltie Knightsarah drew
My two absolute favorite dressed ladies of the event are Keltie Knight (left) and my Grey’s Anatomy lady Sarah Drew (right). While I am not obsessed by the choice of either shoes, I need to say they both look amazing. Such different looks, but both stunning.

Congratulations goes to everyone who won an award (I am personally most excited about Grey’s Anatomy’s, Johnny Depp’s and Vin Diesel’s win). A good pat on the back goes to every lady in this post who looks absolutely stunning and also to everybody else that looked gorgeous, but wasn’t captured in this post, because I can’t mention everyone.