Red carpet: People’s Choice Awards 2016

Ladies simply rule the red carpet looks. There are SO MANY good looks of this year’s PCA and even though I haven’t been the first one to talk about them, I believe it’s never too late ūüėČ

Left is Lucy Hale‘s red carpet look for this year’s People’s Choice Awards and I feel like talking about it because I know Lucy mostly wears¬†shorter and more colourful looks (right: TCA 2015). I am stunned, I love her for expressing the “inner goth”¬†in¬†herself. I like the whole styling, make up included! I also think longer dresses suit her better.

lea micheleTCA.jpg
Lea Michele did a very similiar thing – even though she mostly wears cute and girly dresses at red carpets these days, she brought good attention to her with this year’s all-black outfit. There’s been a lot of dark outfits at this red carpet and my inner “dark” self is excited!

2FDC047600000578-3380465-image-m-179_1452132747089Ashley Benson looks gorgeous in another dark outfit. I like the pure styling of this. (I am not excited of the shoes, though).

Alison BrieKeeping it simple and pure is the new trend and it must be my favorite trend ever. The next lady that looks gorgeous is Alison Brie. The cut of this dress shows off her figure perfectly.

Nathalie EmanuelWhat is Nathalie Emmanuel doing? That combination is secretly killing me.

Renee Olstead
Just because I, myself, love styles that include black and a pattern, I need to talk about Renee Olstead. They say gingers have more fun and in that amazing outfit, I bet she really does.

And why does Kate Hudson look so amazingly good in jumpsuits? The ONLY thing that is missing (for me, at least) is a high ponytail she has in the right picture. Is Kate a fashion angel? Might as well be.

Maggie LawsonIF
Maggie Lawson and Portia de Rossi bring the party in white colour. And Portia always looks so good! Fashion is absolutely her thing.

Keltie Knightsarah drew
My two absolute favorite dressed ladies of the event are Keltie Knight (left) and my Grey’s Anatomy lady Sarah Drew (right). While I am not obsessed by the choice of either shoes, I need to say they both look amazing. Such different looks, but both stunning.

Congratulations goes to everyone who won an award (I am personally most excited about Grey’s Anatomy’s, Johnny Depp’s and Vin Diesel’s¬†win). A good pat on the back goes to every lady in this post who looks absolutely stunning and also to everybody else¬†that looked gorgeous, but wasn’t¬†captured in this post, because I can’t mention everyone.



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