Dark VS. Light

I hope I’ve proved you guys that I can make both lighter and darker sets. Of course, darker sets seem more personal, because I love wearing dark clothes. However, I have learned that not every outfit needs black, so I am growing 😉

I’ve decided to make two sets; each of them supports even dark or light colours (while they both have one item that is the same) and you can decide for me which one do you prefer.

Celozaslonski zajem 30.6.2016 172157.bmpAs I was making this set, the skirt was the first item I used and my first instict was to pair it up with a white top. When I looked more into the skirt itself, I noticed the red colour that popped out as the colour of the lips. I then decided red should be the centre of the attention. Therefore I dropped the idea of styling this skirt with a white top – even though that would have worked as well! Maybe even better. But I’ve decided to make a darker tone of an outfit. I love the top as much as I love the skirt. The cut of it is just beautiful. You can use it with many formal or casual items.

Celozaslonski zajem 30.6.2016 172206.bmp
Here is the second and lighter outfit! Red was the centre of attention in my first set, whereas pink is in the centre in my second set. I love how the colour of the top and the high heels match up together with the skirt. I am not exactly obsessed with this top – I’ve actually searched for a white one. However, I spent a lot of time searching for a top that would perfectly match up with the skirt, I eventually gave up and just decided to use this one. It’s not my obvious choice, that’s why I thought I could spice my blog up a bit by surprising you with a different choice.

Which set do you like better? The first and darker one or the second, lighter one? What do you think of this skirt? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments!


Red carpet: BET Awards 2016 – BEST LOOKS

Hello guys! You know how much I enjoy writing red carpet reviews and it’s been too long since I did one! Thanfully, everyone is buzzing about the BET awards, so I decided to show you some of the best red carpet looks of the night 🙂

Both Rocsi Diaz(left) and Eva Marcille(right) rocked the red carpet in patterns. Rocsi wore a beautiful one piece. This item is getting more and more popular and every girl “has” to own one. Eva, on the other hand, wore a shorter, but equally classy dress.

bet-meagan-good2016 BET Awards - Arrivals
Meagan Good(left) and LeToya Luckett(right) showed us some leg game! Green normally isn’t exactly my favorite colour, but Meagan looks absolutely gorgeous in it. The dress seems more or less simple, yet it higlights her figure beautifully. LeToya looks quite different with short hair, I prefer her with long hair. I think it suits her better! But I love the cut of this pink dress that, just as Meagan’s, pops her figure.

JANELLE MONAE2016 BET Awards - Nissan Red Carpet
Watch out, we’ve got another combination going on! It’s the black&white. Janelle Monae (left) looks badass, as if she just travelled from – let’s say – 1900, without aging or messing up her perfectly structured hair! I am not obsessed with the fact that the pants and the jacket have the same pattern, but she is working it. I love the hat and the red lipstick, too! Jasmine Sanders (right) doesn’t look as if she just time travelled, but she is simple and beautiful.

MYA2016 BET Awards - Arrivals
It seems as if I can’t connect these two outfits – they don’t have much in common. However, they are both the outfits that deserve to be given the second prize of best dressed by my choice. Mya (left) looks like a superhero. She is rocking the pants, yet this somekind of a “cape” makes her outfit flowy, interesting and different. She didn’t have to put much effort in it, yet it’s amazing. Karrueche Tran (right) combined the vintage and modern style. Her shoes and the necklace are definitely modern and scream “rich!”. Her dress, on the other hand, is vintage and not overly done. I love the buttons on the dress.

2016 BET Awards - ArrivalsAnd who deserved the first place? Mayte Garcia is my number one best dressed celebrity of the BET awards! I love her styling – her hair and red lips match together with the interesting dress. Her figure looks absolutely stunning in it and everything works together! I also adore the collar and the cut of the dress.

I haven’t seen the awards yet, but I’ve (of course) seen Beyonce’s performance and it was amazing. Freedom is one of my favorite songs on her new album. I’ve also heard there was a lot of positive buzz around Jesse Williams’ speech, but I am waiting to see the awards fully.

Congratulations goes to everyone who won an award. Everyone looked beautiful on the red carpet, these are just my favorite picks.

What are your favorite picks? Would you give somebody else the first place of best dressed? Let me know in the comments!

Here I am, back again

Hi guys! I’ve been busy … This month was quite tough, so I took a small break from all of this. I am sorry! I do have a new outfit for you now, though 🙂
Celozaslonski zajem 26.6.2016 200738.bmp
I love styling. I know I repeat some of the choices from time to time and I don’t get bolder with time at all … But if you have a personal style, it tends to repeat itself. That’s just how it is. I feel as if the jacket isn’t necessary in this combination at all. It’s actually a bit confusing. I added it, because I found the outfit empty, quite frankly 😀 I love combining red with black, because the combination makes you look badass. The red brings the attention, while the black brings some kind of relaxation.
My favorite item is the skirt. I love the belt and the cut, because it looks vintage. I do admit it’s a bit tricky to style, because it is elegant and beautiful.
What would you personally change in this outfit? Do you think a leather jacket would suit together with this combination, or is the skirt too elegant to be combined with an item like that? Let me know in the comments! And please don’t feel scared about talking about your personal style 🙂

Piece by piece

There’s one thing I keep on forgetting on this blog! I never talk about overalls and I don’t think I’ve created anything with them either. It’s time to fix that.
I love overalls, they are so amazing. I got one just this year, I can’t wait to rock it everytime the weather gets a bit hotter.

Celozaslonski zajem 10.6.2016 191153.bmpI love how the colour of the overall and the cover of the heels match up together. The bluish fantasy isn’t a bold choice, but it’s not exactly boring. As long as the colours and the patterns work together – and as long as you feel good in an outfit – nothing else matters. Overalls are incredibly comfortable, so a pair of flats might be a more obvious choice than heels are … But you know, comfort isn’t everything 😛
I would have added a beautiful choker necklace to go with this.

Celozaslonski zajem 10.6.2016 191303.bmpI know I kind of returned to my safe black haven in this outfit, but let me explain myself! I would have never used black on black – if an overall is black, the top has to be brighter. And I prefer brighter overalls anyway. But the colours of the shoes and the bag light up this outfit and make it so much more exciting. So I didn’t want to include too much colour.
Celozaslonski zajem 10.6.2016 192504.bmp

My favorite type of overalls are the denim ones! This outfit is a promise of me – my favorite kind of an overall with a pair of safe flats, a girly top and a matching “denim” bag. This is the outfit you might find me wearing. Even though I love the first two outfits just as much 🙂
And do you wear overalls? Which set is your favorite one? Let me know in the comments!


Spring skirts

Hi guys! I have two new sets for you. Just because a Saturday feels best like creating time.

Celozaslonski zajem 4.6.2016 170432.bmpI love this top so much! It’s hard to work with it, though, because you feel as if you have to hold back with styling. You can’t use a skirt/pants with equally bold pattern. Choosing the black skirt is the “obvious, dull” choice, but I in fact felt as if it suited it best. I wanted to add colourful shoes (green seems best – white would work, too, but that’s more neutral), but I couldn’t find the proper shade of green I wanted. I think it would look better than black shoes!
At least the bag isn’t too dull.

Celozaslonski zajem 4.6.2016 170417.bmpI don’t always create dark outfits! Here is a lighter one. My favorite item here is the skirt itself, because it truly looks comfortable and easy-flowing. The top might be a bit too formal for this combination, but it’s a bit of everything, so I just went through with it. I love the shoes, because they bring in some colours. Choosing proper shoes to style along with the skirt is difficult. Flats normally look best, but high heels are just so much better, aren’t they?

I am spoiling you guys a bit! Remember back in the time when I only published one set? Now I almost always post two! But, alright, I don’t post as often as I used to, that’s the truth.

Let me know which set do you prefer and why! What’s your favorite item? How would you style it to suit your personal style? Talk to me in the comments.