OOTD: Lunanai

Hi guys! Before I start anything, I need to apologize for not posting anything for a week! I’m living a student life where school and exams have to come first, so I was focusing on that. Now, I’m back! Holidays started for me today and I’ll be able to be more active, hopefully 🙂 Let’s start!

I honestly think this outfit is incredibly fun. It reminds me of vintage fashion. It’s comfortable and easy-going, you can dancimg-set-002.jpge in it and you can do whatever you want … It’s different from what I normally create and that’s exactly the reason why I love it so much! I love how the top has a slight cleveage, that makes the clothing look feminine, but it’s still not too revealing. I love the pants! They are so cool! Sure, you shouldn’t wear them to a business meeting (and if your uncles don’t appreciate art and individual expressionism – you probably shouldn’t wear them to a family gathering, either :P), but I am personally so annoyed with simple, blue jeans that will stick next to your legs and make them all sore and tired when you walk around. These pants match with the coat as well, which is just so cute. The coat is modern and trendy, but I think it doesn’t look out of place. It’s a play between the black and pink colour and I love playing around.


Boohoo cut out crop top
€15 – boohoo.com

Collar coat
€39 – shein.com

Velvet pants
€21 – zaful.com

Boohoo kohl shoes
€33 – modalist.com

Ryan Roche brimmed hat
€325 – tenover6.com

What do you think of the outfit, would you consider wearing it? Let me know in the comments!


OOTD: Come together

Would you still be there?

I truly enjoyed making this set, because I think it’s quite bold. I LOVE the navy top – it’s so beautifully constructed and it looks feminine, while not being too complicated. The skirt is just amazing … It has that kind of a vintage sense and it’s absolutely original. I was a bit afraid that the leather jacket maybe wouldn’t match the skirt, because you can overdo an outfit by repeating the materials (the skirt is made of leather, too). However, I think it has a certain charm. The shoes are one of my favorites too! I love how it has a belt (the same way the skirt does) and it’s absolutely badass. I just love rock ‘n’ roll in clothing and I think I’ve managed to capture it! There are ways to make this outfit look more girly, because I think both the top and the skirt aren’t necessarily ungirly. If we picked different shoes and a different jacket, you’d have a whole new style.

Here are the details of the items that I’ve used:

Coast sleeveless shirt
€70 – johnlewis.com

Leka real leather jacket
€535 – wolfandbadger.com

Topshop navy blue skirt
€310 – nordstrom.com

Michael Kors platform shoes
€81 – macys.com

Mulberry mini purse
€850 – mulberry.com

OOTD: Last resort

Last resort

Because I’ve proved the other day that leather can be styled next to … More leather … I’ve decided to make more sets with that awesome material. I love the pencil skirt! It’s questionable just how comfortable it is for our legs, but I’d give it a shot. I think the jacket compliments the skirt great, so I had to use that, as well. I can’t imagine using any other outerwear next to the skirt. While those two items are incredibly badass and bring the rock ‘n’ roll … The top looks like the opposite, yet it matches together. I love that. The upper part of the top is my favorite detail, because it’s not overdone, but the top isn’t plain because of it. The red? My FAVORITE colour ever, especially if you use it next to black. And the shoes? Look at that detail on the heel! That’s just brilliant. Little details are the ones that show your style off and make it special, individual … You don’t have to overdo an outfit for it to be something special.

Here are the details:  

Red shirt

Anine Bing biker jacket
€1.030 – orchardmile.com

Joseph pencil skirt
€345 – theoutnet.com

Le Silla high heeled footwear
€440 – luisaviaroma.com

Leather backpack

Let me know what do you think of this outfit! It’s one of my favorites that I’ve created 🙂

Playing with styling: Sweeter VS Rougher

celozaslonski-zajem-7-12-2016-174314-bmpThe first set is definitely sweeter and easier going. I think it has a vintage sense – the top is so simple, the boyfriend jeans are probably THE item from the 90s style and the jacket doesn’t necessarily bring out the rock ‘n’ roll … It’s a simple item that suits right. I think the shoes are the only item that don’t scream VINTAGE, so they might look a bit out of place, next to these other items … But I love how they match the top, so I had to use them. I also love the belt and the open toes. You could easily change them for black platforms, but I feel like while that would be a more obvious “vintage” choice, these bring more energy to the outfit.

celozaslonski-zajem-7-12-2016-174324-bmpThis second set seems more modern, wouldn’t you say? And it’s rougher, too. I love everything about it! I yet again had to use a leather jacket (I know I’ve been using them often, but they are a part of my personal style, so I can’t just ignore them). You can see it fits perfectly, because it’s tighter than the jacket used in the upper set. What’s my favorite thing about this set, though? THE BELTS! The belt on the skirt is a more or less simple addition, but the skirt wouldn’t be near as perfect without it as it is with it. And the belt on the shoes … That almost matches the belt on the skirt … It’s so awesome. I love these shoes without the belt, but with it, they are complete. This outfit definitely shows a lot of skin, but who cares, I find it awesome!

Which set do you prefer and why? What’s your favorite item? Would you consider wearing any of them? Let me know in the comments!


One of my favorite trends is comfortable clothing, that still looks incredibly stylish. Look at these pants! I bet they’re so fun to own, I’d kick and dance in them and then hours later I’d be drinking wine in them. I’d use them for every occasion possible. The top is just as simple as possible, I didn’t want it to make the star of the set. It’s tight and short, but you could easily style a more baggy top to go next to the pants. These high heels! They are one of my favorite items EVER! I love that detail on the heel, it looks incredibly sexy. The colour of the shoes suit the line on the pants (if you examine it nicely) and that’s the number one reason why I needed red shoes. Everything else is just added as an accessory, but I think we could go without them, too, in an outfit like this.

T By Alexander Wang bralet top
€250 – net-a-porter.com

Acne Studios blue pants
€430 – net-a-porter.com

Le Silla high heel shoes
€645 – luisaviaroma.com

AllSaints man bag
€185 – allsaints.com

Eugenia Kim felt hat

TC Fine Intimates red scarve
€8,49 – amazon.com

Did I have to use the most expensive items ever? Sorry for being such an asshole 😛 I always say – if you’d like an outfit that I made and you can’t afford it (because quite frankly, neither can I) … Just try finding similiar items in cheaper shops or ask your sewer to make copies 🙂

OOTD: Badass princess

celozaslonski-zajem-28-11-2016-181959-bmpI love using white items in outfits, because the entire look seems so pure! Black is badass, but you don’t always want to look like you’re ready to kick ass 😛
Those pants are so beautifuly tailored, the coat is simple and the top draws in some colour, while it still doesn’t ruin the vibe of the set. Chokers are one of the items that are trending in 2016 and I couldn’t not add one to this outfit. I think it’s a great addition and I love wearing them myself! The top just needed some accessory, because it’s so simple on its own. I’ve asked myself which shoes would be best to style with this – at first I added black shoes, but in the end I chose not to ruin the white combination (although the bag is black anyway 😛 ) This is quite formal, right? But it’s also not the outfit you’d wear to a business meeting. So … You’ll look sexy and hot, but you’re not revealing too much or looking unladylike.

celozaslonski-zajem-28-11-2016-182031-bmpI love these shoes, too! They’d match the top beautifully, but I was a bit afraid they don’t match the pants and the coat … Because those two items seem quite formal and these high heels are more playful and easy-going. You decide! Which shoes do you prefer?

What do you think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments! 🙂