stilIt’s not hard for me to make sets – I am passionate about fashion and I have a lot of ideas. However, I am a commenter by heart. It’s way easier to create something for somebody else, or to comment on somebody else’s designs. Red carpets, for an example, always bring me joy. I dig up my favorite outfits, compare them with everything that was worn last years and create different lists.
It’s different with this. When I create something, it can’t be described and I don’t want it to be decribed, either.

So, what is this? It’s a piece of rock. It includes shoes that kind of just remind me of great rockers with great style. I choose a backpack over feminine bags and I choose vintage pants over ripped jeans.
To make a cool impression, you add a pair of sunglasses.
When you don’t want to exaggerate, you use a very simple top and your style is almost done.

The scarf, I don’t know. I manly added it as an aesthetic, but it can be used.

This is one of those styles when people just know you didn’t try hard with it, but you still look amazing and cool.

Let me know whether you have any ideas or requests for a post of mine. I like hearing from you, so please do.


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